Social Justice

On Tuesday 8 May, 15 girls from Year 10 were fortunate enough to attend a presentation about the Week without Words   fundraising campaign at St Lucy’s school in Wahroonga, a Catholic primary school for students with disabilities.

The day began with an assembly and a presentation on the different ways of communication at St Lucy’s. This was a real eye opener for all the girls who attended as they got a glimpse into the life of St Lucy’s students and teachers.

There were many differences between how Loreto runs their assemblies compared to the way St Lucy’s run theirs. St Lucy’s assemblies are run every single morning by a student. These assemblies included the sign of the day, student interactions and an overview of their school rules in sign language.

This year, St Lucy’s focus for the Week without Words  campaign, is fundraising for technology such as new classroom Ipads with the Prologue 2Go speech application installed onto each device, keyboards with spoken projection and PECS communication books, enabling students to communicate in their chosen ways.

Loreto will be celebrating  a Week without Words in Week 7 of Term 3. The aim of Week Without Words is to ensure all St Lucy’s students can say what they want, however they want and whenever they want. We encourage everyone to get behind the cause and support St Lucy’s in their fundraising to help students with special needs thrive.


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator