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Social Justice

Clean Up Australia Day

“Clean Up Australia Day is the nation’s largest community-based environmental event. Since 1989, Australians have spent over 32 million hours picking up over 344 thousand tonnes of rubbish. And, since then, this concept has gone global, involving 40 million people from 130 countries.

On Friday 2 March, Mr Wilson and a group of six Year 10 students from the Green Team walked around Normanhurst Station and Pennant Hills Road to pick up litter during lunch time. We paired up and shared a rubbish bag to collect all the rubbish found.

While picking up rubbish, we noticed that the majority of it was hidden from plain sight, located in gutters, gardens and closed off areas. The most recurring rubbish that we collected were clear plastic items, straws and gum wrappers. And we did not stop picking litter up from the start of our trip to the end.

After having a discussion about some of the things that we came across, straws are something that are not a necessity, thus to minimise the amount of straws that are being littered we should reduce our use of them. One of the more confronting things we found was a lizard in a glass bottle which just shows that littering is majorly affecting our wildlife and their homes. Luckily, the lizard was small enough to get out of the bottle, but larger animals can easily get trapped. Odd items we encountered included a hat in the gutter and cleaning gloves!

Ultimately, it was such a great experience to play our part in making Australia just a little bit cleaner and removing items that may impact the animals in the environment. Clean Up Australia is such a great initiative that is encouraging everyone to clean up.  We can all play our part ensuring  a cleaner future by something as easy as picking up litter, so if you see rubbish on the floor, please pick it up? Because every piece matters.”

Sabyn Baker and Maanya Maini

Year 10


Whilst some of the Green Team were out and about in the local community, the rest of the team took on the responsibility of encouraging the school community to clean up the school grounds. The last ten minutes of Friday lunchtime were dedicated to picking up the litter  in our grounds. Most of the litter picked up was disposable plastic items and cling-wrap which, due to the lie of the land, can easily find its way into the creek in the Loreto Bush and ultimately flow into the ocean. Students and parents are reminded that reusable containers for sandwiches and snacks are far better for our environment than zip-lock bags, cling-wrap and foil.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator