Social Justice

On Tuesday 28 February, ten Year 11 girls participated and engaged in the Ignatian Interschools Forum at school, along with students from St. Ignatius Riverview, Loreto Kirribilli and St. Vincent’s College. This forum aims to stimulate students with a focus question and subsequent discussion, individual discernment and consideration of other perspectives on the topic. The question for this forum was “We can Close the Gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. So why haven’t we in the last 10 years?”

We began the afternoon with a presentation of the issue, before moving into small groups to discuss our initial thoughts. These conversations would set the tone for the evening and allow us to share our preliminary ideas. We soon realised that there was a shared goal: to create whatever change that we, as students, could. We then moved to a magis circle, the main aim of which was to listen and discern. We first reflected  individually on a set of questions before sharing our answers. At the end of this, we discussed what had impacted us from the magis circle, with many of us feeling a sense of hope for future change, led by our generation.

Overall, the Ignatian Forum was a phenomenal experience to have and one for which we are truly grateful. We all await the next one eagerly!


Isabella Mincher and Hannah John

Year 11