Social Justice

Social Justice

As we began our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday, we also began our almsgiving through Project Compassion.

Loreto Normanhurst has a long history of supporting the work of Caritas, through Project Compassion, and we look forward to really embracing the theme for this year which is ‘A just future’. This idea works in harmony with Loreto’s  ‘Year of Justice’ and our students and staff have been encouraged to give generously and to go without, so that others can also have a just future.

I have challenged the community with the idea of each of us giving $2 a week, over the six weeks of Lent to raise a total of $12,000. The response has been excellent and very generous so far!

Our Shrove Tuesday Pancake stall, an event where the chocolate and maple syrup flows and the girls look forward to each year, raised an incredible $819! This is a fantastic start to our almsgiving and I can’t wait to see what the next six weeks bring.

Our Social Justice Leader, Dominica Leaver, and the House Social Justice Captains will work tirelessly and compassionately to ensure that all girls and staff get behind this important cause.


Miss Rose Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator