Social Justice

Social Justice

One of the integral aspects of our FACE Curriculum at Loreto Normanhurst is our Community Service Program. Over the course of Years 10 and 11, our students complete a total of 40 hours of community service. This experience is a way our girls live out the values of Mary Ward, a way they make significant and enriching connections in different communities and a way of being a person of service for others.

As we begin to celebrate our year of Justice, I wanted to share with you a reflection written by one of our Year 12 students on what community service meant to her. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Miss Rose Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator


Community service is a unique opportunity for all girls at Loreto to become a part of the wider community. Reflecting on my personal experiences in Years 10 and 11, community service enabled me to reach beyond my comfort zones, meet various people, and undertake roles which may be new or challenging. A significant experience that I will cherish forever was my time in Yarrabah in Year 10. From the glistening beach to the lively local children sprinting along the sand to meeting the elders of Yarrabah, I was overwhelmed with appreciation, awe, emotion and enlightenment. To have developed a close relationship with the Yarrabah community alongside my peers, I was opened to another world and saw the potential to transform words and knowledge into action. Moreover, my other experiences at Exodus, Westfield Christmas Gift Wrapping for HeartKids, and local libraries, offered me opportunities to integrate with members of the public in sight of a worthy cause. After encountering a range of people who each had a distinct story to share, I acknowledged that I was provided with the ability to grow as an individual intellectually and emotionally, and to build confidence as a result of endless conversations. Overall, community service is not an opportunity to be taken for granted and mustn’t be undermined – it is unquestionably a rewarding experience knowing that you as an individual and young role model are able to donate your generous time and effort to be a part of someone else’s journey towards hope and happiness.

Lecquia Chang, Year 12