Social Justice

Social Justice

The experience of watching the news and reading newspapers lately is quite a confronting and harrowing one. All around us are stories of hardship, adversity, fights for justice, fear and terror and it is very easy and natural to feel overwhelmed by the state of our world. It is also very natural to feel that you have very little power to make a difference or influence change.

But you do have power.

We all need to listen to the wonderful words of Mother Gonzaga Barry “All around you are possibilities for doing good and making the world richer for your having lived in it.” These words are more relevant and more important than ever before.

We are lucky at Loreto Normanhurst to be educated in such a way that we both know the crises that our world and people are facing, but we are also armed with the knowledge that we can help, and we are given many opportunities to do so.

I urge our community to look around their own worlds, their own communities and look for opportunities for doing good, opportunities for making the world richer for you having lived in it. Be kind always, read emails that come out to the school community that are raising awareness about a social justice initiative, give generously to our annual Vinnies Christmas Hamper drive that will be beginning in Term 4, attend JPIC meetings and Green Team meetings to hear about ways to fight for justice and to raise awareness for our earth and our people.

Keep watching the news and reading newspaper articles to continue being informed citizens and know that you can make a difference.


Miss Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator