Social Justice

We farewell our Social Justice Captain Cara Fagan as she graduates Year 12 this week. Cara has been a passionate supporter of social justice issues throughout the year and has led JPIC and the Green Team with enthusiasm and dedication, and we thank her for her leadership this year.

This week we have been participating in Anti Poverty Week with the goal to raise awareness of those in our society who are living below the poverty line and whom are currently experiencing homelessness.

On Monday students coordinated a  Share the Dignity working bee, putting together hygiene packs for women who can’t afford these items and each day the staff and students have been receiving a Did you know? fact about poverty and homelessness. So for this week’s social justice article I thought it would be fitting to share some more Did you know? with you all that have been researched and prepared by the JPIC team.

Did you know?

  • 9 million Australians are currently living below the poverty line which the OECD calculates to be a disposable income of $400 a week for an adult.
  • Rough sleeping: people sleeping or bedded down in open air places accounts for 6% of homeless people in Australia.
  • 60% increase in the number of people sleeping in their cars.
  • 46% increase in couch surfers.
  • On any given night in Australia 1 in 200 people are homeless.
  • 42% of homelessness people in Australia are under 25.
  • Domestic violence and relationship issues are the leading cause of homelessness in NSW.
  • Northern Territory: 730 per 10,000 people are homeless.

A survey of 516 homeless people in Sydney found:

  • Average time on the street: 5 years 4 months
  • 82% Male
  • 35% report having a disability
  • 53% have been to prison
  • 65% have been arrested
  • 72% report having substance abuse
  • 53% report having a mental health issue
  • 64% report having substance abuse and a mental health issue

Statistics reference


Miss Roseanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator



The week has certainly been busy with all the calendar events including Enviroweek. This year’s theme was “a year of action, a week of celebration” and we have much to celebrate at Loreto Normanhurst as outlined in my feature article.

Listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, who suffer most.

Pope Francis

Enviroweek coincided with Antipoverty Week this year and so the Green Team and JPIC Group joined forces as they planned events and awareness raising campaigns. They raised awareness through digital signage, announcements and through the outstanding artwork on the glass in the LRC that reminds us all the future is in our hands. The Green Team ran a cake stall in which many of the products sold were no-bake items to raise funds and collect food-bank items for the House of Welcome.  An Environment & Poverty Kahoot quiz ensured fierce competition between teams across all years in the Secondary School as they vied for the winning spot and the Keep Cup prizes. Dominica Leaver, our incoming Social Justice Captain, led the quiz and provided context and a learning opportunity about the issues facing the planet and the poor in a fun, interactive manner.

In the Primary School, the students beavered away at an ecocraft project in which they decorated then repurposed cardboard tubes into cute biodegradable plant pots that can be planted directly into the soil – these are perfect for raising seedlings too and avoiding transplant shock!

The Green Team invited staff to show their support of Enviroweek by wearing green and on Wednesday there was a veritable sea of green and floral items on display, as well as a few pairs of green socks sneaking out from under pant-legs!

The Green Team and JPIC Group are congratulated for the great job they did to pull it all together at this very hectic time of year.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator