Social Justice

As I set out to write my last newsletter article as Social Justice Captain it is with sadness that I leave this role, but with joy that I am passing it on to such a capable leader, Dominica Leaver. Within both portfolios, JPIC and Green Team, we have powered on with some great projects and correspondingly had great success this year.

When setting out on this journey, my primary aim was to raise involvement numbers and enthusiasm within our Social Justice initiatives. When greeted consistently with large numbers and smiling faces, it does indeed instil  confirmation that I have achieved the goal I set out to do.

We truly have had a spectacular year. JPIC has absolutely boomed – from raising a final $7210.70 for Project Compassion, to continuing this momentum into Terms 2 and 3 with our strong focus on homelessness, we channelled our drive into Wrap with Love and Share the Dignity, both of which have reaped great results.

Likewise, in Green Team we have really powered forward, numbers stayed solid and our projects remained consistent. Eradicating balloons at school events has had a profound effect on our waste reduction as has the removal of plastic cutlery within all common rooms in the Boarding School.

As we approach Enviroweek and Anti-Poverty week – it will be great to see everyone getting involved in the activities namely: The Kahoot Quiz, The Can for Cake Stall, the Share the Dignity Working Bee and our silent demonstration to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia.

All in all I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Miss Timmins, Mrs Cranfield, and of course to all the girls who with so much spirit, are attentive and enthusiastic, week in week out.

So truly, thank you – it’s been a pleasure.


Cara Fagan

Social Justice Captain