Social Justice

Social Justice

This week  Loreto Normanhurst has participated in the Year 10 initiative of Week Without Words.

Week Without Words is a fundraising drive that raises money and awareness for St Lucy’s School in Wahroonga – 95% of the children at St Lucy’s are nonverbal or struggle to communicate verbally like we do, with conditions like dyspraxia, autism or cognitive difficulties.

Throughout this week, Year 10 has led several events including a lolly guessing competition, a silent disco, a cake stall, a coin trail and more, but by far the hardest day was Thursday, where every Year 10 took the pledge to be silent, and communicate in forms other than verbally, in order to better understand what it feels like to struggle to communicate.

Overall, Week Without Words has been a great success and we look forward to working with St Lucy’s more in the future to fundraise and raise awareness.

On behalf of Year 10 we would like to thank all students and staff at Loreto Normanhurst for participating in Week Without Words this year and helping St Lucy’s create a better future for all of their students.


Greer Pollard and Caitlin Bush

Year 10 Students