Social Justice

Social Justice

The Loreto Normanhurst Eco-Network

The unofficial Loreto Normanhurst eco-network is growing in membership – and as such, the environmental movement within the school is really gathering pace! This burgeoning team of eco-networkers includes both staff and students who promote environmental action by educating, facilitating change and celebrating positive change.

The community is embracing both small and big changes across the school and so many people are challenging themselves to think differently about a multitude of things. Sustainability is a cross-curricular priority in the Australian and NSW Curricula and, as such, our teaching staff work hard to embed it into their programs and classroom teaching. However, the ecological education provided here at school is a responsibility shared by many members of the community and is happening in places one might least suspect it!

In this last week alone there have been notable occasions in which environmental action has been promoted: during assembly, we heard from Green Team members Clodagh and Elizabeth about Boyan Slat’s exciting Ocean Clean-up Project that has the potential to significantly reduce ocean plastic in the Pacific Garbage Patch; the staff were both enlightened and entertained by Mrs Kylie Nalewabau’s presentation about how she has reduced her reliance on plastic bags to zero, showcasing her array of reusable bags and containers; and Mrs Carmel Donnan found a life-beyond-landfill for a large bunch of promotional magnets in the Primary School, where they will be upcycled by the students.

Although we are bombarded with a depressing prognosis for Mother Earth if the commitments of governments across the globe are not honoured and if the required technology is not developed, it is most encouraging and exciting to witness the evolution of our community into one that makes wise choices.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator