Social Justice

Social Justice

On Wednesday we held our annual Snug as a Bug in a Rug Day. This community event provides another opportunity for us to reduce our carbon footprint through reducing our energy consumption by switching off heating. For maximum impact, we choose the coldest part of the year for this day and, in order to stay snug, we make use of warmer than usual clothing options instead. The students relished the opportunity to don their Ugg boots and there were lots of scarves, jumpers and woolly socks worn by our staff and students alike.

Bill payers are only too aware that heating systems require a lot of electricity and, although some of the school’s electricity is supplied by our photovoltaic array, we still rely on the grid to provide the rest. Currently, Australia’s electricity is predominantly generated at coal-fired power stations and it is the burning of the coal that releases the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.

Centrally operated heating systems were switched off and staff across all sectors of the school avoided the temptation to switch on the manually operated heating systems in offices and classrooms. Thus, by reducing our demand for electricity on Wednesday, we reduced our contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

A gold-coin donation was made for the privilege of wearing mufti and the proceeds from this will be divided between two organisations: Pollinate Energy, who provide hardware including solar fans and lighting to slum communities in India and Uplift Project, in order to fund the shipping of preloved and new bras to women in need across Australia and the world.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator