Social Justice

Social Justice

Ignatian Interschool Forum

On Monday evening, twelve of our Year 11 students went to St Vincent’s College in Potts Point to attend the Ignatian Interschool Forum. Loreto Normanhurst is one of the founders of this engaging event that encourages students to consider the interplay between their spiritual faith and  social justice issues in society.

After listening to some thought provoking presentations on bioethics, cultural imperialism and violence in youth juvenile detention, students were asked to participate in a Magis Circle, which is a form of spiritual conversation pioneered by St. Ignatius. A Magis Circle provides participants an opportunity to stop and listen to themselves before discovering how listening to others can deepen their understanding of self, others and their God.

It was fantastic to witness our girls engage in challenging and stimulating debates that prompted them to think more deeply about complex and important issues – issues that will continue to affect the world for years to come.

In honour of the Magis circle, I asked the girls to reflect on their experience. A couple of responses are below.


I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Ignatian Forum and representing Loreto Normanhurst as I felt a sense of unity within all the schools. It was great meeting new people and being able to exchange ideas and perspectives on significant issues that are relevant in today’s society whilst also connecting with the core Ignatian values. 

Many of the issues including bioethics, cultural imperialism and the impact of political power have been discussed at school. The Ignatian Forum allowed these issues to be further discussed, openly and without judgement, and created opportunities to consider solutions for the future.

Charlotte Smith


The Ignatian Forum was a special opportunity for us to come together and discuss, in depth, issues that are prevalent in our world. For me, the forum significantly contributed to my sense of self and developed my voice as I was able to partake in educated discussions surrounding injustices affecting the world. Looking ahead, it would be ideal to have more of these interschool conversations and involve our community to develop awareness on a wider scale and ignite more action overall.

Daniella Bianchi


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator