Social Justice

Social Justice

Week Without Words – St Lucy’s Excursion

On Tuesday morning a group of Year 10 students attended an awareness  day for Week Without Words at St Lucy’s School in Wahroonga, a primary school for children with disabilities.

We attended an assembly that was very different to ours – it was very interactive and most speech was accompanied by signing. After the students went to class, one of the St Lucy’s speech therapists demonstrated to us how the non-verbal children communicate using an iPad, which ‘speaks’ the words that the child clicks on – they call this their ‘voices’. About 95% of students at St Lucy’s are non-verbal or speak very little and they communicate through hand signals, body language and their ‘voices’.

Week Without Words is an initiative run by St Lucy’s that challenges participants to limit their communication by not speaking for an hour, a day, or even a full week. We are encouraged to experience how hard life is for people with communication disabilities by not using our voices. Speaking is something that we all take for granted, so it is important that we help people in our community who do not have the same abilities as we do.

Sponsorship donations go towards raising funds to buy iPads and iPhones for the non-verbal St Lucy’s students to use to communicate. Later in the year, Year 10 will be participating in Week Without Words and running a fundraiser at Loreto. We will update you with more information about how you can get involved in Week Without Words closer to our fundraising date.


Ms Roseanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator