Social Justice

Social Justice

Loreto Normanhurst has a proud tradition of highlighting the importance of social justice in both our local community, nation and our world. We aim to inspire our young women to be seekers and promoters of social justice, to not be afraid to speak up for those who are voiceless in our society, and to be the kind of young people who actively create the world in which they would like to live.

This year, as we are celebrating and reflecting on the value of Freedom and its importance in our faith journey, our girls will be offered many opportunities to actively participate in activities and initiatives that seek to ensure the freedom of all in our society.

In particular, this term we will be focusing on promoting and creating a successful Project Compassion campaign throughout Lent. It is important for our Loreto girls to realise that they have the power, through fundraising and advocacy, to ensure that everyone is free: free to live their lives without fear of hunger, thirst and sickness; free to live their lives without fear and persecution; and free to pursue an education that allows them to break free of the binding confines of poverty.

Our Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Team (JPIC) and our Green Team, led wonderfully by our Social Justice Leader Cara Fagan, will meet for the first time Wednesday, Week Two to discuss the exciting year ahead. I am sure that all of you will look forward to hearing about the valuable initiatives and advocacy work that we will pursue this year.

I am thrilled to be taking on the role of Social Justice Coordinator at Loreto Normanhurst and take this opportunity to issue a challenge to all of our community:

  • seize opportunities;
  • do something tangible this term to help the lives of others;
  • speak up, write to our leaders, raise awareness, sign petitions and most of all;
  • be seekers of justice for all.


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator