Social Justice

Well, it has been a big week for Social Justice here at Loreto. On Monday Ms McCullough and I, kindly driven by Brett, delivered all of our food and toiletry donations to the House of Welcome at Carramar. They were overwhelmed with your generosity!  So thank you very much. It really does make a significant difference to the quality of life of the refugees and asylum seekers who the House of Welcome support. We were fortunate enough to be taken for a short tour through this not for profit organisation and were shown just a small portion of the great work they do, completely reliant on donations of churches and individuals. It just goes to show how important your donations are! The highlight of the experience, other than of course seeing the smiles on the faces of those people being taught English, was meeting Suma. Suma is a fellow ‘Loreto girl’ from Loreto Delhi and now works at the House of Welcome.

Second on the Week 3 Social Justice agenda was the Mary Ward Justice Forum, an event that was put together by Sister Libby Rogerson IBVM. It was an exceptional evening of meta level conversation.  We  were joined by guest speakers Ms Elizabeth Farelly, Ms Julie Edwards and Mr Phil Glendenning, as well as our Loreto Kirribilli counterparts. The topic up for discussion was Humans, God, Nature: Creative Collaboration or fight to the death, and we were joined by a large Loreto cohort including staff and ex-students. Some very insightful questions and statements were posed by adults, as well as students, such as: how we can be in touch with the transcendent? We reflected on refugees’ place as humans, rather than numbers, and a spiritual approach to eco-consciousness rather than an economically aligned approach. We are so privileged as a student body to have access to forums such as these. I’m sure I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say I was blown away. I thought the level of these conversations was exceptional and truly appreciate all who helped to facilitate this great evening. Once again, thank you.


Cara Fagan

Social Justice Captain