Social Justice

Social Justice


Meet Emma O’Kane from Northern Ireland, our Youth Representative in New York for the past three months. Emma is a past pupil of Loreto Coleraine and has Honours B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Queens University, Belfast.

During her internship she had many opportunities to engage in issues related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. She collaborated with the working Group on Girls and prepared outreach initiatives especially that of the International Day of Peace where young people were invited to send short videos of ways in which they considered the Sustainable Development Goals can contribute to a more peaceful world. She also contributed to the August UN UPDATE on the critical subject of Migrants and Refugees.

Emma participated in online meetings and discussions with members of our network. Of particular interest was the topic of youth representation.

Emma was our Youth Representative at the Summer Youth General Assembly and The Youth for Human Rights Summit held at the United Nations Headquarters during the month of August. These events include  input on several related topics and the sharing of initiatives and amazing achievements of young women and men.

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The experience, knowledge and skills gained from an internship like that offered at our NGO Office in New York are considerable. Many young people are longing to put them to use in their desire to create a better world for all and it our responsibility, as adults, to give them opportunities. The role of a Youth Representative, aimed at creating and strengthening links between students and youth in our schools, colleges, groups and their engagement with the United Nations, deserves attention and development.

Emma will continue as Youth Representative, working from her home base. It is part- time and combined with her post graduate pursuits. She is willing to engage both in person and online as each situation requires.

Her role is as follows:

  • To raise awareness among students and groups in informal education
  • To foster dialogue on global issues within communities

Emma can be contacted at:

Cecilia O’Dwyer ibvm.

NGO Office to United Nations, New York.