Social Justice

Social Justice

As a Loreto School in the Ignatian tradition we hold some key Ignatian teachings and practices at the centre of our lives and our vision.  Among them are these:

“Finding, and indeed, seeking God in all things” and the “Magis”.  Magis is a Latin word which means the excellent, the better  –  and in this context it means to reach out for the greater glory of God.  Faced with any choice, this teaching invites us to always keep that in mind and allow it to guide our decision-making and indeed shape our worldview, our path forward, our social, economic and political vision.  We are currently facing many significant issues in Australia to which we all must respond.  As a Catholic/ Loreto community, moving toward the upcoming election on 2 July, we are invited to think deeply about these things and to take seriously our call to respond in a way which will truly embody these key Ignatian teachings. 

Attached here  you will find   some thought-provoking and challenging reading as you discern how best to use your voting power.  

Please find attached  a great opportunity to hear an inspiring speaker that you and your daughter may like to attend. 


Ms. Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission