Social Justice – Ecology

Social Justice – Ecology

Action Your Adults – A School Strike 4 Climate initiative

How many of you here have been told by adults “good on you for fixing the climate!” and “the future is in good hands”? We are tired of being told time and time again that it is our responsibility to fix the broken planet that we have inherited, because by the time we have grown up and are in a position to implement change, it will be too late.

Leila Mangos, School Strike 4 Climate, Narrabeen 2019

My name is Leila Mangos and I am the Ecology Captain for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. I’m committed to ecological justice both within the school and in my extra-curricular activities, evident in my work as an organiser for School Strike 4 Climate Australia (SS4C). SS4C is a nationwide student activism movement which has received support from over 300,000 Australians. It aims to pressure the government into taking adequate climate action.

A couple of months ago, I pitched my idea for a new SS4C campaign to the rest of the climate network, titled “Action Your Adults” (or AYA). I’ve become increasingly aware that, although the SS4C movement has been growing steadily over the past three years, we are still not yet seeing the action we’re demanding. This is largely due to SS4C being a youth-led movement, and climate change being publicised in the media as being a ‘young person’s issue.’ Unfortunately, our age gives politicians an excuse to entirely disregard our demands. It’s simple politics – if our concerns as non-voters won’t put politicians into a seat, why should they be addressed? This is why it is crucial for voting adults to actively join in on the fight.

The premise of AYA is to encourage young people to reach out to their circle of adults – parents, extended family, friends and teachers – and express their concerns about climate change, asking them to review their stance on climate change and whether their activism reflects it. We want all Australians to demand climate justice, because only then will justice be achieved.

If you would like to make a difference, watch the introduction video from Instagram and check out this resource pack to see where you can start – whether you are a young person or an adult!


Leila Mangos

Ecology Captain