Social Justice

Social Justice

Green Team Wrap UP

This week’s ‘Did You Know?’ at Assembly focused on how we package gifts for Christmas. The presenters reminded us to avoid metallic-plastic and other plastic wrap and ribbons as these are not recyclable and to remove tape, ribbon and bows from paper wrap before recycling. Alternative options, such as wrapping in newspaper, fabric and reusable bags/boxes were suggested to reduce the consumption of paper.

Thursday marked the final Green Team meeting of the year and it was a hive of activity. Some of the girls chose to make Christmas gift jars containing the dry ingredients for brownies or cookies. This type of gift is largely consumable, with a reusable jar – and is the perfect gift for those who really have everything they want already. There are lots of different options for filling Mason jars or similar that make great gifts – Pinterest is great for inspiration!

Other students sorted the bras and underwear that we have collected that will be donated to the Uplift Project and Days for Girls charities who provide these necessary items to women in Australia and overseas. More details on the work these charities do and how you can donate, can be found online by clicking on the hyperlinks above.

Some of our students diverted dysfunctional pens and other plastic writing tools from landfill and they are boxed up and ready to send to Terracycle for recycling through the Bic-sponsored recycling scheme. The Colgate Oral Care box is almost heavy enough to send to Terracycle, but not quite, so keep sending in your old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss packets. These schemes and others are continuing into 2020. More details around what we collect at Loreto Normanhurst can be found here. 


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator