Social Justice

Social Justice

Recycling Week

Although recycling is the poor cousin to reducing, reusing, repairing and repurposing it is still better than landfilling or incinerating our obsolete items and waste. Wherever possible, we should be addressing our consumption as a priority and then exploring other avenues to keep items in useful circulation.

The Project Uplift collection of preloved bras and new underwear is continuing until 22 November. Please send in any donations with your daughters to the LRC. The bras will be sorted into approximate sizes by our Green Team, so please write on faded labels to make this process simple.

Loreto Normanhurst is currently involved with recycling mobile phone technology through  Mobile Muster, collecting used batteries and is currently signed up to several Terracycle schemes – so send in your family’s recycling! The partnership between Terracycle and multinationals allows for all brands to be collected and recycled for free. Click on the hyperlinks to read about accepted waste – it is important not to contaminate our waste containers as it becomes someone’s job to sort it all out:

  • Colgate’s Oral Care – all brands of toothpaste, manual toothbrushes and dental floss packaging and NOW collecting electric toothbrush heads!
  • Colgate’s Electric Toothbrush Handle and Charger – all brands of handles and chargers. NOTE: Please ensure the batteries are discharged/dead and remain inside the handle.
  • Kwik Lok’s Bread Clips – all brands of hard-plastic bread closures
  • Bic’s Writing Instruments – all brands of writing pens, textas, markers, highlighters, plastic pencils and white-out. NOTE: other stationery items are not accepted e.g. wooden pencils (lead and coloured), rulers, rubbers, crayons and scissors)


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator