Social Justice

Social Justice

Project Uplift, Days for Girls and the Wayside Chapel

In 2012 I launched the first collection of bras and swimwear for Project Uplift at Loreto Normanhurst and we have seen our annual collection grow since that first substantial donation. Project Uplift provides much needed bras, swimwear and underwear to less fortunate women and girls, for whom these items are a luxury they can ill-afford. All good condition bras can be used, as can swimming costumes/bikinis. Bras in poor condition may still provide spare parts and bras with only one underwire can be used by removing the remaining underwire! Large sizes, nursing bras and mastectomy bras are like gold-dust. Unfortunately, the charity is struggling to meet the costs to ship the donations to the communities in need. In response, this year we are requesting that a gold-coin donation is also made along with the bras.

 New underwear is diverted to the Days for Girls charity or the Wayside Chapel:

  • The Days for Girls requests teen/tween girls’ sizes 10-14.
  • The Wayside Chapel requests ladies’ 10-12. Standard cotton bikini-briefs.

We will be collecting your preloved bras and swimwear as well as brand new underwear for the rest of this term. Please mark the size clearly on the bra if the label is missing or faded. If you are sending them in with your daughter, they will need to place them in the pink wheelie bin in the LRC. We ask that items are tipped out of bags and bags taken home for reuse. Gold coin donations should be placed in the collection container in the LRC or in a sealed envelope handed in to a member of the Mission Team. 


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator


Week Without Words

The Year 10 students at Loreto Normanhurst will take part in St Lucy’s ‘Week without Words’ from the 2nd to the 6th of September. Week Without Words is a fundraiser and awareness campaign to provide the verbal-impaired students at St Lucy’s Wahroonga with communication tools such as technology. The campaign officially starts in May, but can take part during anytime of the year. Every year, Year 10 students come together and come up with fundraising ideas to raise awareness and to raise money to give to St Lucy’s. 

This year we will be raising funds with initiatives such as:

  • From Monday of week 7 the ‘Week without Words’ committee will be running a lolly guessing competition in the secondary and primary school during lunch and recess. The cost is 50 cents per guess or 3 guesses for a $1. The prize? The large jar of lollies!
  • Badges will also be sold during the week for $2. 
  • We will also be holding a silent cake stall (Year 10 are to bring in slices/cakes etc) during long recess on Wednesday the 28th.
  • To raise awareness we will be involving the students and teachers in a handball match at $1 to enter, which will also take place on Wednesday 4th September at lunchtime.
  • In order to raise as much money as we can we will also be placing money boxes at the canteen and cafe for any left over change as every cent counts!
  • We will also be showing presentations to the students (secondary and primary) during the week to educate everyone about the cause.
  • Finally on Friday 6th September, Year 10 students will have a silent day.  All classes and conversations must be non-verbal. There is an option to be silent for the week and that is open to all years. Please email us if you are interested in this.

Through these multiple activities we are hoping to raise a lot of awareness and money to give to St Lucy’s in order to help them as 95% of the students at St Lucy’s have some sort of communication disability. Please click here if you would like more information about St Lucy’s ‘Week without Words’ awareness and fundraising campaign.


Eleanor Adlam and Jemima Davison

Year 10