Social Justice

A Loreto Normanhurst community is one that looks out, inspired by the Calls of the IBVM, in order to cross boundaries, build understanding and ultimately enrich our lives through the building of relationships. Such an aim is reflected in all social justice initiatives from Project Compassion, which raises funds and awareness for the good works of Caritas Australia, to the yearly Loreto Day cause, which this year is the Baby Milk Project. As well as these overarching social justice focuses for each term, there are many activities and groups in which students and staff partake to work towards justice in our local and global communities.

This past week a group of 20 Year 10 students took time out of their day to visit St Lucy’s Catholic School, Wahroonga. The purpose of this visit was to meet and get to know the students of St Lucy’s and to learn about the ‘Week Without Words’ initiative. Year 10 will lead the community about this initiative later this year. This will involve a number of activities designed to raise awareness about challenges children with hearing disabilities have when communicating and will also raise funds for communication devices for St Lucy’s. Year 10 will be silent for a day to help the children of St Lucy’s to have a voice.

“In relation to Week Without Words, we were lucky enough to visit St Lucy’s School and discover how some students there communicate with their peers and other people. It was very interesting to see how they used different forms of communication including sign language and utilising devices. Students taught us some basic sign language and demonstrated how they used an app on the iPad called ‘Proloquo2go’, which make it easier for some of them to get their messages across.”

Jessica Mollenbeck, Year 10


Thank you to Mrs Jenelle Minto and Ms Mary Anne De Mattia who accompanied the students on this excursion. If you would like to know more about the ‘Week Without Words’ fundraiser please visit their website.


Mr Phillip Merchant

Acting Social Justice Coordinator