Social Justice

Social Justice

We know how unsustainable is the behaviour of those who constantly destroy, while others are not yet able to live in a way worthy of their human dignity”.

 Pope Francis –  Laudato Si

This week at Loreto we have been made aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and on others.  What do we do with our rubbish?  This week the Green Team went around quietly at the end of recess and lunch, collecting  the rubbish left lying around as students moved off to class  –  wrappings, fruit peels, wasted food. Yesterday, this pile of rubbish was placed in the centre of the Quad and the whole school was invited to gather around it. We were led in a reflection on our attitudes and actions. The key message was respect: respect for our environment, the work and gift of our loving Creator; respect for those who have to clean up after us; respect for those who daily are hungry as we waste food; respect for the privileged community we are and the beauty of our surroundings; respect for each other as we share our days, our space, our lives, with well over 1000 other people; respect for ourselves as we make choices each day – mindful of our call to be people of dignity. 

You may like to ask your daughter about this experience and together reflect on our call to be people who are always mindful of our impact – on creation and on others.  If each of us makes the right choices each day we will surely create a community in which God’s face is seen in the care we show.    


Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission