Social Justice

Social Justice

Can you fix it? Yes you can!

The 2019 Year 10 cohort has been focusing on the circular economy in their Integrated Learning lessons this term, which is another example of how the ecology pathway informs teaching and learning at Loreto Normanhurst.

On Tuesday, I was excited to be invited to attend the presentation and mending workshop run by the founders of the Possibility Project, Kim Pearce and Kath Davis, two mothers from a neighbouring suburb who have a textiles line called Slumwear108. This “slow-fashion” enterprise allows workers in slum communities in India to craft clothing and accessories to high standards and receive a true living wage for their work, rather than be subject to exploitation which is rife in the textiles industry.

Kim delivered an engaging and inspiring presentation before the girls headed off to the mending workshop. Students had been asked to bring in items of clothing that needed to be fixed – a button missing, a dropped hem, a split seam. Kim and Kath gifted students with a mending kit that was made with old army tent fabric by the employees of Slumwear108 – the fact that there were only enough mending kits for half the students while they await another delivery, provided a strong message about slow fashion. With the guidance of Kim, Kath and the teachers in the room, students worked away with needle and thread to mend their clothes – a few top buttons on uniforms have been reattached!

The skills required to do such mends are not advanced, but have been lost over the generations for a number of reasons, and the availability of cheap and abundant fast-fashion is among them. Hopefully, the girls will be inspired to fix more items as necessary, and consider their next clothing purchases in light of the afternoon’s learning experience.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator