Social Justice

Social Justice

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is the nation’s largest community-based environmental event. Since 1989, Australians have spent over 32 million hours picking up over 344 thousand tonnes of rubbish, and since then, this concept has gone global, involving 40 million people from 130 countries.

On Friday 1 March the Green Team circulated the school grounds during lunch time encouraging students to bin their rubbish in recognition of Schools’ Clean Up Day. They rewarded students whose lunches were packed in reusable containers with red frogs and collected the zip-lock bags and cling-wrap from other students for an exposé they have planned for the near future. Students and parents are reminded that reusable containers for sandwiches and snacks are far better for our environment than zip-lock bags, cling-wrap and foil.

This year, Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday 3 March and we encourage you to join a clean-up event in your local community – enter your postcode  hereto find an event that you can join. Alternatively, simply go for a bush walk, a city walk or a beach walk with a garbage bag and pick up any litter you see. Every piece you pick up is one less piece that at best, is an eyesore and at worst, becomes the food of an aquatic or terrestrial animal.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator