Social Justice

This week, the Green Team held their first meeting of 2019 and we were pleased to see a lot of new faces, with many of contributing to the abundance of great ideas and enthusiasm. The meeting was ably chaired by Isabella Mincher, our Social Justice Captain, and we shared our thoughts on a theme for the year and initiatives and actions we would like to pursue. With Clean-Up Australia and Earth Hour on the horizon, we brainstormed ways to raise awareness around waste and inspire action around litter and energy. Watch this space for reports on these activities in coming weeks.

In this week’s Assembly’s ‘Did You Know?’ item, a group from the Green Team shared some images showing the detriment to our natural world and the animals affected over the past decade due to climate change and environmental degradation. However, they also included the encouraging statistics around the increase in populations of the Giant Panda and the Grizzly Bear. There is hope, and the tide looks to be turning. Just last week, Chief Judge Brian Preston refused the development of a new coal mine near Gloucester NSW, on the grounds that its development would contribute to climate change. This landmark decision may set precedence for the future as we work towards a more sustainable future.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator