Social Justice

Social Justice

Loreto Normanhurst is dedicated to providing “a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service.” (Loreto Schools of Australia, Mission Statement.)

As a Loreto school, we offer students, staff and families the opportunity to participate in a variety of Mission events that work towards the pursuit of justice, fairness and the common good. In 2019, Mission at Loreto Normanhurst is particularly centred on the 5 Calls of the IBVM and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which were developed in 2015 and provides a shared blueprint for peace for all people and prosperity for the planet, “now and into the future.”

We also continue our efforts in working towards a more sustainable future with the upcoming Earth Hour commemoration. We will break open the issues of racism and discrimination during March with our recognition of Harmony Day and Close the Gap Day. Also this term, Year 12 will participate in their final senior retreat with a focus on living life with authenticity, and a group of Year 10 students will immerse themselves in rural Australian life on the Loreto Rural Partnership. This time also marks the start of the fundraising efforts for Project Compassion.

We will undertake all of this, along with many other initiatives, while maintaining a focus on the upcoming season of Lent as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. 

As we enter more deeply into this Year of Sincerity, we remain focused on this Mission in our daily actions.


Mr Phillip Merchant

Immersions Coordinator