School Captain

School Captain

There is a time for everything; a season for beginnings and endings. This is a natural part of life.

Spring and all its splendour, which recently descended upon Sydney, marks a time of new beginnings and new possibilities However subsequently the conclusion of winter and its darkened, foggy mornings are inevitable. With every beginning there is an ending, but with every ending there will always be a new beginning.  The cyclical nature of the continuous flux between these two notions resonates within the corridors of our school, and for the Class of 2016.

Beginnings and endings are a constant concept for the Year 12s who are approaching their final few weeks of high school life.

With time seemingly slipping away from us, although we are filled with a sense of sadness simultaneously, in order to move on with the rest of your life, you must be at the verge of endings. If there is one thing that Loreto has taught us it is that nothing is an ending. Ending is defined as a final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story. But the “ending” of our schooling life is just an entrance into society and the wider community. From day one we were taught the life skills that would mould not only who we are, but also how we will go on to impact the world far beyond Normanhurst.  We were taught to be “Thank You Girls” and be grateful for such a unique and holistic education – and these values will always be instilled in our manner.

Our behaviour has equally been shaped by our parents, teachers and support systems! We thank them for their generosity in caring for us, and working with us, to make our final year a success and we thank them in advance for all the wisdom that they are yet to supply in the lead up to our study-filled break and the HSC.

From all of Year 12, in this final newsletter report, we say thank you for the fabulous final year at Loreto Normanhurst that you as a community have given us, and wish our capable Year 11 successors good luck.

We may be leaving our school bags and text books behind in school, but what will be with us in our transformation will be something much more vital. Each girl who leaves the gates of Loreto Normanhurst has a true understanding of who they are as a spiritually sound, academically gifted and community-aware individual.

There is a time for everything; a season for beginnings and endings – but the end is never truly the end; it catalyses a new beginning.


Angelique Nelis

School Captain