School Captain

In times such as these where the focus is so strongly placed upon what the future holds, nostalgia has begun to creep up on us. It’s hard not to take notice of the limited days we have left at our beloved Normo. I’m becoming increasingly more conscious of the happiness it brings me to walk through the school gates every morning and to be greeted by smiling faces from both students and teachers alike, as well as the joy of learning something new each day in class, and even the simple bliss of sharing lunch and recess with my friends every day. It’s these understated pleasures that I am now realising make my school such a beautiful place and one that will undoubtedly, forever hold a place in my heart.

Although graduating from Loreto Normanhurst is bittersweet and a bit of a scary prospect, the Class of 2018 is blessed with an abundance of talent, intelligence, love and innovation to share, and following in our foundress Mary Ward’s philosophy, “women in time to come will do much”, I am confident that any doubts our girls have about leaving the familiarity of school behind will be overcome, as we have so much to contribute to the world. This was certainly revealed this year as my cohort was lucky enough to embrace the Loreto value of Justice for 2018, and, as promised, we have tried our best to lead our school with courage and compassion, so that together, we could strive for justice.

When I arrived at Normo in 2013, I was a tiny Year 7 filled with absolute curiosity about the unchartered waters of high school. I remember being called the ‘Class of 2018’ and dreading how long it would take to get through those six years of essays, assignments and wearing a uniform. Looking back, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown, and how grateful I am for the incredible experiences I’ve been given over my time here at Loreto. I realise now how lucky I am for the hours spent running around at Saturday sport, the development of meaningful relationships with teachers whom I can now call friends, the recesses spent dancing in the quad on a Wednesday, and my personal favourite, the mornings spent in my tutor group with girls whom I liken to my Loreto family – these are the best parts of our school, which are completely unique to Loreto, and I’m so happy that I was given the opportunity to call myself a Normo girl.

It’s hard to fathom that it is all coming to an end. My fellow Year 12’s and I are experiencing a strange mix of excitement and fear as we are recovering from the battle of our HSC Trial exams, beginning to arrange plans for next year, and trying to come to terms with our goals for the future. However,  despite physically leaving the Loreto halls, hanging up our uniforms for the last time and going our separate ways next year, we will always try our best to strive for justice, communicate sincerely, exude felicity, act with verity and endeavour for freedom – because we are Loreto Normanhurst girls.

On behalf of the Class of 2018, best wishes for the rest of the year and the coming years ahead.


Yvette  Crouch

School Captain 2018