School Captain

Freedom is a core value of my life and of my Loreto Normanhurst journey.  It is something I have come to be more aware of, not only in these past 12 months but over the course of my education.

This time last year the idea of ‘School Captain’ was merely a dream, and something I always saw as an opportunity that would bring me immense gratitude and joy. As a student growing in her learning, academics has formed the groundwork of my Loreto education but I always knew that there was something else I needed in order to be truly fulfilled. A person for others is someone I have always been and knowing that this past year I have hopefully inspired younger students to live each day as their true selves, without fear of judgement, brings me a vast amount of pride and contentment. As my final days are drawing nearer it is with delight but also a touch of sadness that I finish not only as the School Captain but as a true ‘Normo girl’.

In this busy time post-trials our discussions are filled with graduation ceremony planning and thoughts for the future, yet mixed with sadness that comes with the realisation that our many happy days at school will soon become distant precious memories. Friendships that have grown since Year 7 are now more important than ever as we spend valuable time together as a year group in these last few weeks.

In true Loreto style there will be many events to sing, cry and celebrate the end of our schooling life as the term concludes over the coming weeks, but we take this opportunity now to thank the tremendous network of people who continue to inspire all Year 12 students.

We say thank you to some of the most influential role models we have had as evolving students, our teachers. They have been responsible for more than just our academic enrichment. These great educators have connected with us, and have been committed to our learning and wellbeing both inside and outside the classroom. We have formed strong relationships with the staff of Loreto Normanhurst, who have guided us and ensured that we graduate with a lust for learning and a genuine passion to explore what goes beyond the papers and assessment tasks.

Certainly a physical building, a routine and a uniform can be missed, but it will be the unforgettable company of friends and the animated halls of Loreto that will follow us long after we leave the Normo gates.

Best of luck for the remainder of 2017. May it be one of freedom, friendship and a great memory for those who have led, learned and loved at our Normo this past year.


Annie Clarke

School Captain 2017