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Religion News

Jewish Marriage

On Tuesday 4 June, Year 12 Studies of Religion 2 Unit students were graced with the opportunity to listen to the wise words of Rabbi Cohen, touching on matters of Jewish Marriage and the many aspects and rituals involved in the ceremony.

As we are studying Judaism at the moment, specifically marriage as a significant practice, being fortunate enough to have Rabbi Cohen come and speak to us again, was really insightful. It meant that we were able to add to our own knowledge and expand on our understanding of marriage within Judaism, from a Jewish adherent’s perspective.

Rabbi Cohen has a really open mindset when it comes to analysing and comprehending Judaism and its many aspects. This meant that we were able to engage in an open conversation and ask a range of questions, furthering our understanding on the significant practice. We were fortunate enough to engage in a mini Jewish wedding ceremony at the end of the lecture. This was really fun and enhanced our knowledge on the practice as we could experience it firsthand. Rabbi Cohen brought in a veil and kippah for us to wear, making it that little bit more special and exciting. We read out the Ketubah, a contract that formalises the agreement between the man and woman for their marriage, as well as pretending to ‘break the glass’ another ritual within the ceremony. We exchanged rings and finally all of our classmates, yelled “Mazel Tov”, meaning congratulations on our marriage. Being able to entertain our fellow classmates and teachers, whilst also learning in practice the different parts of a Jewish wedding ceremony, was a great way to finish off the lecture. 

Overall, having Rabbi Cohen come in to explain in depth the importance of marriage as a significant practice within Judaism was greatly appreciated and was really helpful, plus taking part in our own ‘mock’ wedding ceremony was a joyous way to finish off our time with Rabbi Cohen. We are very grateful to the Religious Education department, specifically Mr Currao for arranging this and giving the Studies of Religion 2 Unit students this awesome opportunity.


Brooke Conlon and Niamh Graham

Year 12 Studies of Religion