Public Transport

Public Transport

Some parents would be aware that since the beginning of this school year the school has been in contact with the companies which run the public bus services in the Dural and Wahroonga areas. These bus routes  are serviced by the state government, which outsources the running of the buses themselves to the Hills Bus Company and Transdsev respectively. 

We share the concerns of parents and students on what is happening with bus routes to these areas. On the school’s behalf I have been lobbying mainly around the issue of overcrowding on the buses and the outcomes which ensue, namely student safety being compromised and the girls either coming to school on a later bus and being late for school, or needing to make alternative arrangements to the public bus.  It has been suggested to me that this has come about due to the introduction of the opal card and the need for things to ‘settle down’ at the beginning of a school year.  The school has expressed its dissatisfaction at this response and has asked for additional buses to be added to both services. This then resulted in a request needing to go through to the scheduling and planning departments of Transport NSW.  Transdev has again referred this to the Services  Delivery Manager. Hills Bus company’s response has been that there are later services to Pennant Hills Station and Castle Towers, and that the girls should catch these buses and transfer to other services. They advised that only students travelling to Dural should be on the Dural bus. Please find   attached   the Hills Bus Company school travel advice for your reference.

The school will continue to advocate for a review of the bus services in these two areas in particular so as to meet our expectations around student safety and the standard of service being delivered.  I am calling on parents to partner with us in this endeavour by also making contact with the companies and sharing the experience for your daughter and the request for additional services.

The contact numbers for both companies are: Hills Bus Co 02 9890 0000 and Transdev (Mt Kuringai office/depot) is 8700 0555. Expressing our collective concern by adding the parent voice to that being put forward by the school may well improve this situation for all. 


Best wishes,

Ms Marina Ugonotti 

Deputy Principal