Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Today marks the end of the HSC for the Class of 2018. Congratulations to the Year 12 students who have traversed the exams calmly and purposefully. For these final examinations they have put forward everything they know, and they have studied hard with great dedication. They deserve to do well.

As we know a great HSC result is just the icing on the cake of a good education and it does not define our Year 12 students. They are much more than their HSC. The results they receive in a few weeks’ time will open doors for their next steps in life’s journey. Their holistic Loreto education has grown them in all areas – as spiritual people, as friends and community, and as people who enjoy a wide variety of activities that bring them joy as well as growing them as a life-long learner. This Loreto Normanhurst education has grown them personally, helping them to be resilient and loving, ready for their future and to meet whatever challenges come their way. We congratulate them for their achievements, but more for ‘who’ they are, and we thank their parents for their support and trust in the school over the past years.  We look forward to seeing them all at the gathering prior to the Year 12 Formal next Thursday.

The school was abuzz with excitement again today as we hosted our new Year 5 and a few new Year 6 students for Orientation Day. Just as the new students were excited and nervous for the day, the new parents too were keen to begin their new relationship with our community. We welcome new families and students to our community and wish them well for the journey ahead.

Congratulations to our parents, rowing staff, sports staff and students for hosting the well organised Loreto Normanhurst Regatta last Saturday at SIRC in Penrith. As the LN Regatta is the first of the season it was great to see our rowers beat the nervousness and complete their races well. The new rowers managed their races with concentration as the cross wind made the completion of their races more complicated than normal. The camaraderie of the parents was obvious and I know the rowing community looks forward to an enjoyable season.

Last week the school hosted three Community Consultation sessions with regard to the 30-year Master Plan – one session for parents and two for the wider community, also attended by some new parents to the school. Thank you to those parents who attended and for the feedback we received from the sessions. The school intends to create a microsite that will update the community on the progression of the Master Plan as it unfolds. Next steps for now is to have the Master Plan passed by the State Government, as a State Significant Development, and this includes the new Boarding School as part of Stage 1. The boarders need new accommodation as they currently reside in the 1897 building and surrounds. By relocating our boarders, the senior school will have additional large areas that will become new, modern learning spaces, a food hub, a wellbeing centre and large open garden areas that will not only contribute to daily feelings of wellness, but will ensure learning can take place effectively inside and out. These areas for the senior school will be unlocked by moving our boarders to their new accommodation to be built and opened in 2021.

Alongside the 30-year Master Plan approval is a Hornsby Shire Council approved Early Learning Centre. Why, you may ask, an ELC? An Early Learning Centre for Loreto Normanhurst means a few things. Firstly, we can offer our award-winning learning model to young students (which is going back to our traditional roots as the school accepted students as young as four when it began in 1897). Secondly, an ELC also retains our incredible staff, many who have, and will have, young children who need good care in the ELC space. The ELC also will be a separate business for the school which will create revenue that the school can use for further projects. Mother Gonzaga Barry herself was entrepreneurial for her schools, looking for new business lines to assist each school to survive and to thrive. We continue that legacy today at Loreto Normanhurst by opening an ELC in and around 2020. I hope this information gives families of the school some insight into the very well thought out plans for the future of Loreto Normanhurst.

I look forward to hosting the new Student Council and their parents tonight at the Principal’s Leadership Dinner. Good luck to all those students competing in sport this weekend.


“Our greatness and strength consist in this, that we have free and open access to God from whom all greatness comes.”

Mary Ward


With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins