Principal’s Message

As the bell sounded this morning gathering all students to their House Spaces and the Primary students to their meeting spot I could not help but reminisce on the term we have had and the pace at which life goes. Isn’t it incredible what we can all fit into life? Some of my reflections were of special moments of community and the camaraderie and team work there that brings such joy, other musings were about the myriad of conversations that take place each day with students, staff and parents and the highs, lows and resilience required each day. I have also thought a great deal about our year of Felicity and the Jubilee Year of Mercy and their impact on us. As I know we all do, I try to rise each day in a joy filled state and giving thanks for those around me who are filled with felicity and are willingly able to express this with such freedom. I give thanks that we here at Loreto and in Australia are able to do this uninhibited by outside forces.  

Even though we, as a community experience the overriding feeling of joy most of the time, we must not forget that this is not the case for all and this is where the mercy comes in. It is up to us to accept all people and all things and this is our greatest challenge. I hope as the holiday period comes to us as the Music Festival finishes tonight we will give thanks for all our joys and then reflect on how we can do better. Better in terms of love and friendship, mercy and mindfulness. Only when we think in these ways will we be truly joyful, as we will bring this joy to others not just ourselves.

Wednesday was a big day at the school with the annual Cross Country as well as Harmony Day. It was great to see our Cross Country athletes do their best on a very warm day. Congratulations to the girls for their efforts and we wish them well for the next stage of competition. The Cross Country was followed by Harmony Day celebrations where the beautiful cultures of all of our students and staff were celebrated. Saris,  Akubras and national dress from many lands was worn by all and a very entertaining concert of national dance and story-telling took place. It was a very enjoyable day for us all.

Well done to Cara Fagan (Year 11) who was selected to be the MC at the RSL and Schools ANZAC Day Ceremony at the Hyde Park Cenotaph this week. Cara did an excellent job and it was such a privilege for her to be selected to MC the event. Mr Scali, the Head of History and Miss Tildsley and the Year 11 students in attendance were wonderful ambassadors for the school at such a solemn and special event.   

With the Olympic Trials in full swing this week I would like to congratulate Siobhan O’Malley (Year 12) and two staff members, Miss Dominica Jenkins and Ms Lora Storey for their efforts for selection for the Rio Olympic Games later this year. Ms Storey has been selected for the Shadow Athletics Team and she heads off to the US to go through the final selection process there. We congratulate all three incredible women on their success thus far and wish Ms Storey every success in the coming month.

Good luck to all those staff and students going on the Sports Tour to Europe leaving this Sunday. They will be playing games in England against similar schools there. It should be a fantastic trip. Please keep the students and staff in your prayers as they go.

Ms Ugonotti has been in contact and is immersing herself in the life and works of Mary Ward whilst on the Mary Ward Pilgrimage. She has visited Mary Ward’s birthplace, her first schools and is learning more of the struggles she endured 400 years ago. We look forward to welcoming Ms Ugonotti back to her desk next term and thank Ms Bateman for her work as Acting Deputy Principal over the last 9 days, a role she will continue when I take some sabbatical later in the year.

The Music Festival will be a great evening of entertainment tonight and it is wonderful that all the proceeds from the event will go to the Bursary Fund that supports families in necessitous circumstances. Every girl will be a winner tonight no matter what the result and then they can all rest for a lovely holiday break.


Gracious and loving God

Our souls are filled with the power and joy of your song of Creation

Our hearts dance to the beat of your rhythm as we raise our voices in response to your call

Wrapped in the arms of your sustaining and eternal Love, we offer our gift of music

In the presence of your Holy Spirit, hearts are stilled to hear, minds are stirred to action, lives may be transformed…

We pray that all who listen will hear with understanding, and open themselves to feel your presence through the joy in our voices and the passion in our hearts

We pray that all who listen will feel their spirits touched by the wonder of your mystery, and add their own voices to our joyful noise

May we ourselves continue to be uplifted in knowing our singing touches and uplifts many others in our faith community

May we cast off the burden of impossible perfection, and let our souls soar on the wings of heavenly music

May we sing always with hearts open to your presence and your power


With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins