Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

STEM and STEAM are talked about in educational circles and in the media regularly. This week I have been thinking about this and how we look at learning as part of our Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM).  For us, real commitment to holistic learning and looking for good student outcomes in all areas of learning is important. Curiosity and problem solving in all areas is to be aimed for, along with stretching yourself to work on the things you cannot do and working to confront your challenges head on. I see our students do this daily, led by staff who are passionate about the journey that students take, as much as the destination they reach.

During the week, I witnessed this while watching students prepping for Science Week.  The students in lab coats and protective eye wear were clearly enjoying themselves as they experimented and planned their presentations for Science Week. This was tremendous to watch and in the middle of this happy learning environment, a staff member was sharing their expertise in a relaxed and joy filled way. 

Last week, Year 11 performed two spectacular shows of powerful drama in their play ‘Dream Queens’. The students wrote and performed this moving play that took us through the gamut of emotions from laughing out loud, to a silent tear.

As well as these two significant events happening at Loreto Normanhurst, we have been following our Year 9’s progression as they traverse the beautiful area of FNQ. The relationships and the learning that Year 9 experience during this fantastic immersion helps them to grow and develop as they should.

What struck me this week was that all these experiences are such pivotal ones for our young women and are necessary for them to develop into well rounded, curious and thoughtful humans.

We welcome Year 9 home tonight. It will be great to have the Year 9 students back in Sydney and we look forward to hearing of their adventures. I am sure that our families will be happy to have their daughters home and I know the girls’ experience will continue to gently unfold over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Year 12 HSC Trials finish at the beginning of next week. Year 12 has handled the exams with dedication and determination and we are proud of their efforts. In our practical subjects the actual HSC draws very near and we continue to keep Year 12 and their families in our prayers at this time.

Congratulations  to the Year 10 Tech Hub Girls (Gian Ellis-Gannell, Samantha Yao, Elle Nacard, Julia Santos) for placing third in the state for their age group in the ICT Explorers Competition at UNSW last week. The judges, from Google, CSIRO and Deloitte, were very impressed with the Mental Health website they created. Well done girls.

Congratulations also to  Hannah Cowap (Year 11)  and her crew for placing second at the World Rowing Junior Championships in the Czech Republic and to  Alana Kavanagh (Year 9)  who, as part of the NSW U16’s Hockey team, won gold at the Australian Championships last week.  Well done to both girls on such a fantastic achievement. 


Holy Mary, mother of God
preserve in me a childlike heart,
clear and transparent like a spring.
Give me a simple heart
that takes no pleasure in brooding.

A heart that freely gives
and interiorly shares in suffering.

A courageous heart
that is never despondent and dejected.

A faithful and noble heart
that never forgets a good deed,
that holds no grudge.

A heart that is completely devoted to Christ,



With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins