Principal’s Message

This week I have been asking myself…’will the glass ceiling ever break?’ Being a part of the daily work here at Loreto Normanhurst and attending the functions last weekend to celebrate women, I cannot help but be disheartened with the current rhetoric around the presumed ‘failure’ of women in the corporate sector. I am further disturbed by the unfounded extrapolation of this argument to draw flawed conclusions that women therefore are not ‘cut out’ for leadership, or at least leadership at the perceived ‘top end’ of town. We are all acutely aware of so many stories where the opposite is true. Women are leading corporations, government, not-for-profit organisations, small businesses, schools and homes. We have to wonder why these good news stories are not reported, and if they are, it seems they are told by magazines and organisations that write about women, for women, which of course is so necessary, but is not replicated in the mainstream media. As a feminine organisation and an organisation that encourages the women leaders of the future, we cannot lose hope, but we must be drawn to action.

We, as a community must call out those who have this narrow view of women in leadership. We need to do this for our young women who need to stay inspired to lead the companies and the Boards of the future. Did you know we have more men with the name John as CEO’s of the Top 500 companies than women CEO’s in Australia! As adults, both men and women are important to a young woman’s progression in a career. So, as families, we need to discuss gender bias and its impacts. We need to give our young women a voice that is calm, considered, forthright and knowledge-based and inspire them to take the risk to be a leader of strength and authenticity and to go for those positions they aspire to, in the career they have chosen. We also need to educate our young women, both at home and at school, on how the messages currently in the media have no basis in truth and they should not serve to change their courageous mindset.

Federation is only one week away and the excitement is building. It will be a pleasure to welcome Loreto ex-students and Loreto people from all over Australia to celebrate the ideas and opinions on the topic of ‘Be the Change’. It will also be wonderful to showcase our fantastic Loreto Normanhurst community at the event with over 200 national delegates. We are accepting delegates up to next week; so if you would like to be part of this 30-year Federation history and be fired up with good ideas, please come along. I look forward to the final days of work with the Federation Committee and to Federation itself where together we can discuss how we might…Be the Change!   To register, please click here.

What a brilliant series of events we experienced last weekend to celebrate motherhood and the beautiful relationship of mother and daughter. It was great to see so many at the dinner on Saturday night with over 460 attending. We were sorry that some of our families missed out, but it was great  to get to capacity for the venue . The dancing, conversation and joy was brilliant and the photo booths were a real hit. Thank you to all who contributed to the fun on the night. After a well-earned sleep we were back again to bless the mother daughter union at the Eucharist together. The choir sang like angels and I sincerely thank Ann and Eliza Harvey (Year 12) for their very moving account of the special relationship of mother and daughter.

More celebrations took place on Monday with a gathering of ex-students, who are current parents, and their daughters. This event too was so well attended in the Reception Room. When I attend these warm events I know that together we contribute to a fantastic community that is relaxed, fun-loving and celebrates relationships  – which is just what we are all about at Loreto Normanhurst.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all.


Then to the disciple he said, This is your Mother.

John 19:26

With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins