Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

This term and the Lenten Season have both moved rapidly and next week we celebrate Holy Week leading up to Good Friday and our Lord’s Passion, Death and then Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Over the weeks of Lent we have been concentrating on the Stations of the Cross and Jesus’ journey to Calvary. Examining the Easter story gives us so much guidance for a good and fulfilled life. Jesus demonstrated for us the ability to love deeply, he asked those he loved and worked with to stand with him and they failed, but he loved them anyway. He showed us the power of belief in the love of God and he showed us, by his Resurrection, that we are called to be reborn. Amongst the rest and family time this Easter I hope that you too are drawn to this Easter story of God’s love for us, now and always.

We are having a final push for Project Compassion and we are all encouraged to dig deep to meet our target of $12,000. Just imagine the good this money can do for those who need it!

It was great to celebrate Harmony Day on Wednesday when all staff wore a spot of orange to mark the day. On this day we join with all the people of the world to promote the understanding and celebration of cultural diversity. In a world that is increasingly becoming narrow about so many issues about different people, and where more and more cultures are becoming marginalised, it is important for us to understand and promote unity and the celebration of the uniqueness of the cultures that make up our community and our world.

Well done to all our students and staff for their preparation of the annual Music Festival to be held at the ICC Sydney next Wednesday night. From what we witnessed at the final rehearsal of the choirs this week, it looks like it will be a spectacular show. It is, as you know, more than just our Music Festival; it is a celebration and a coming together of our whole community. I look forward to the evening; it should be simply spectacular.

Thank you to the Year 5 and 6 parents who attended the annual Primary Parents’ Dinner at the school on Tuesday evening. It was a great event with new parents to the school connecting with our current parents. The joy in the room was palpable and parents were very happy with their primary daughter’s transition to a new school and their ongoing growth for those who are already part of the community. We had more than 115 people attend the dinner and it was a great deal of fun.

Congratulations to Stephanie Sardinha (Year 12) and Frances O’Brien (Year 7) for their success as finalists and first place recipients at the CSDA Public Speaking Competition last Friday night. This is a hard fought competition and we congratulate both students on their success.

Congratulations to Charlotte Ainsworth (Year 12) who is in Canberra at the moment after being selected for the National Schools Constitutional Convention. Charlotte is walking the halls of parliament advocating for youth issues through the Convention which seeks to promote understanding and informed discussion amongst young Australians about the Australian Constitution and system of government. We are very proud of her efforts and cannot wait to hear about her experience.

100 years of Tildesley Tennis has been celebrated this year, although in a very disjointed way due to the rain, with the competition going ahead on Thursday and today. We congratulate all  our players and lines girls and thank them for representing us in this special anniversary year.

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my newsletter that the NorthConnex project had reached another significant milestone with a tunnel breakthrough between the Trelawney Street and Northern Interchange compounds. The breakthrough occurred underneath Loreto and we have recently received some photos from the event, which I have included in the gallery this week.

I look forward to seeing parents at the Year 7 Family Dinner on Saturday evening. Good luck to all our students competing in semi-finals sport this weekend. We wish them well.


Life anew
Father, we praise you for Christ our living Lord.
His death has destroyed death for us.
His rising has given us the promise of everlasting life
which begins here on earth.
Praise you Father, for your goodness to us
in Christ. Amen.


With prayers of peace and hope,


Ms Barbara Watkins