Principal’s Message

What a wonderful celebration of our community we had last Saturday on Open Day. We welcomed hundreds of visitors through our gates to experience life at Loreto Normanhurst. Thank you to staff, students, parents,  and our PAL and Ex-students’ Committees for their cheerful presence  and  amazing support of the school on the day.

Sport is a large part of the Australian national identity and a big part of being a Loreto Normanhurst student and community member. At Loreto Normanhurst we are one of the highest ranking schools in the Independent Girls School Sport Association (IGSSA) and the Independent Primary School  Heads of Australia (IPSHA)  competitions in terms of participation, but we do not stop with those competitions alone. Our students are encouraged to participate in a great deal of sporting events as well as IGSSA and IPSHA– and they do so with confidence and dedication.

The girls’ school sport landscape is changing. These changes are not always positive and sometimes discourage young women to compete in sport. At Loreto we value sport as an integral part of our students’ development. Sport is a key part of the “E” piece of our FACE curriculum. This means it must be open to all. All our students are encouraged to ‘play’ and take a risk to try out for a sport. If our girls want to play a sport – then they play. We encourage our students to grow through sport; in leadership, teamwork and skill level, to learn from both success and failure, and to take these skills and use them in other areas of their lives. We see our young women do this daily and I must say it is very impressive to behold.

Some statistics from Loreto sport in the last two weeks, that may be of interest, are:

  • Loreto Normanhurst was the highest participating school at the recent Triathlon with 129 students competing in 43 Teams, with our Senior team 2nd Overall (CIS 1st) and our Junior team 5th Overall (CIS 3rd).
  • In Athletics, Hockey and Softball we have students currently running at the State level.
  • Our IGSSA Swimmers are a team of 40 students  representing Loreto Normanhurst.
  • Our Rowers finished 4th at the GHOR with 7 podium finishes and a 3rd place for the first VIII.
  • Our Tildesley Tennis Team are putting the finishing touches on their game for the 100th Tildesley Tennis Competition.
  • The recent House Cricket Championship commenced this year led by our Year 12 students.
  • Our Primary School Cross Country where all students participated with great spirit.

Congratulations to all our students who compete in sport. Thank you to our parents who support them and to their coaches who work with them to build skill, have fun and grow.

Today is the National Day of Action to end Bullying. Our students, through our robust Pastoral Care system, have been discussing the issues and the pain associated around any bullying situation, whether it is personal or online. We must do all we can to stop bullying whenever it occurs and stand up against anything that seems like it might be bullying. Awareness and knowledge about what bullying looks like, and how we must work to stop it, must be an open and honest conversation as bullying continues when secrecy prevails. Our students have been discussing bullying in all its forms this year and as a school, we will continue to do all we can to promote our anti-bullying programs and build a community that speaks of love, kindness and care.

Congratulations to Laura Neilson (Year 10) who has recently been awarded the Australian Scout Medallion. This award is the highest award given in Australia to young people from 11-14 years and only 5% of young people achieve the award. Laura’s leadership, dedication to others and team work has earned her this amazing award and we congratulate her most sincerely.


Success and risk

When you’re skating on thin ice you
might as well tap dance
Stick your neck out, 
have a go,
reach out beyond your best performance
and when you do,
do so with style,
You will learn more 
from a brilliantly executed failure
than from a success planned with
the dreary safety of what you already know.
Winning easy is boring, pointless work.

Bryce Courtenay, A Recipe for Dreaming, Heinemann, 1994


With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins