Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

On Wednesday this week we had the last Parent Association Meeting and PAL AGM for 2017. This is a time of changing of the guard and great appreciation. Thank you to all the parent body for their support of the School this year. Thank you to our current parents who have supported our new parents who joined the community in 2017. The school community is a happy one and that is due to the strong connections families make with each other and the School where we work in partnership for the good of the girls. Particularly in this 120th year of celebration, the hard work and friendships shared have been tremendous. PAL has worked incredibly hard on all events from the gatherings at the beginning of the year, to Open Day, to the Trivia Night and finally the Spring Fair including the very special 120 Pavilion.

All the events run by PAL this year have been marked by energy and camaraderie. Thank you to the Co-Presidents for 2016 and 2017, Mrs Sue Whipps and Mrs Louise Wytenburg. They have done a superb job as leaders of the Executive for the last two years and they will be sorely missed. Their wisdom, kindness and generosity have been the mark of their leadership over the last two years. Not only has the PAL Executive run great events but they have also donated $40K from the parents towards something special for the school in 2018. Thank you to all parents who have contributed to the ‘friend raising’ and the fundraising as part of the PAL events this year.

Year 10 have enjoyed a very meaningful week of discussion, discernment and action as part of our annual five-day youth congress – YCon2017. They have participated in a variety of activities associated with real world issues, and have discussed and grappled with these, including those with devastating consequences and no easy response or solution. This amazing world we live in has enormous challenges and it also has immense possibilities as we know and Year 10 have had a heightened awareness of that this week.

Year 10 were asked to use their intelligence, their education and their knowledge to find ways they could make the world a better place. YCON highlighted the needs of others and the needs of our world and I am pleased to say that not only have Year 10 had a great week, they have explored how they take this renewed understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all citizens forward to create a better world. Well done Year 10 and the amazing staff and ex-students who have prepared and worked on this exciting and unique program.

Last Friday we had a superb night at the school to launch a very special book. ‘120 Inspirational Loreto Women’. The book is a beautiful coffee table book about ex-students, members of the IBVM and members of the broader Loreto Normanhurst community. It showcases stories of struggle and achievement and stories of how a Loreto education and Loreto Normanhurst has shaped women who have gone on to make a mark in the world. The books are beautiful and are available for purchase as a memento of this 120th year.

On that same night we re-opened the Reception and Brewer Rooms which are adjoined to the Chapel. These heritage rooms of the School in the 1897 building that were once the original classrooms and parlour, have been restored to their former glory. This has been a big undertaking in this 120th year and we are excited to have them open for use again.

Good luck to our teams competing in finals  Sport this weekend and for all the commitment to Sport shown by our students and parents this year.


Thank You, God

Thank You, O God for everything that has happened today;
For the good things which have made me happy;
for the not so good things which have taught me that I
can’t always be getting my own way;
for the successes which give me happy times to remember;
for failures, to keep me humble;
for time at school, at games, with my friends and in my home.
And thank you for this minute with You.



With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins