Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Creativity is a quality that is highly regarded in today’s world. The ability to hone your gifts, then to share and use them in the everyday, opens doors to great opportunities in all facets of life. If we are ever asked the question ‘Are we creative?’ we often baulk at the prospect and say ‘no not really as I cannot draw or paint’, telling ourselves that those gifted with that skill are the creative ones. We often dismiss creative thinking, growth of different skills, the ability to take a risk to grow, as being creative. Creativity comes in all forms and tonight, we will see creativity in all its beauty.

Creativity of thinking, of design, of ideas, the gifts of natural creativity, and creativity that has been honed and developed through collaboration, team work and hard work. At the Year 12 HSC Showcase tonight we will celebrate creativity and congratulate the students who have worked so hard this year. Year 12 has been developing their creative skills all year and we will see them shine as they present to us the beauty of their work  tonight. We are called to share our gifts and not hide them under a bushel and tonight our Year 12 students will do just that. We wish them well and congratulate them for their hard work. I hope you will come along tonight to witness what will be a spectacular showcase of colour and ideas.

As we can acutely see each day, our world needs good, authentic leaders. Loreto Leadership follows the example of Jesus and Mary Ward who are shining examples  of servant leadership, a leadership that places the other person in the centre of all decisions and actions. Leadership at Loreto, which encompasses the five values we espouse of Freedom, Sincerity, Justice, Verity and Felicity, gives us the main threads of what we need to guide leadership here at school and beyond. Today, the sacred ritual of the commissioning of Year 11 students into leadership took place in front of parents and the senior school who were present to witness the pledge of commitment of Year 11 to the values of the school and to the community through service. This was a very special day for Year 11 and for our Year 12 students as they presented their Year 11 friends for leadership. Please pray for Year 11 as they take this next step as young leaders and the new leaders of our school when Year 12 graduate in September.

Once a term a group of students and Music staff have been providing Music for the Normanhurst parish. I have been thankful that our students and staff have been so happy to give up their weekend time to do this. The parishioners have been very thankful of the commitment from Loreto. Below are some lovely words from Mrs Moira Hutchison, our key parish contact, for you to read:

“On Sunday 20th August a select group of musicians from the College provided beautiful music for the celebration of Mass at Queen of Peace Church, Normanhurst. For the second time this year, their music filled the church, to the great delight of the congregation. We were indeed privileged that the girls and teachers shared their talents with us and look forward to welcoming them back in October.”  –  Moira Hutchinson  (on behalf of the Normanhurst community)

This weekend is clearly a big Loreto weekend and one where we will celebrate our dads. On Saturday night we will hold our Father Daughter Dinner with over 300 dads and daughters coming along and on Sunday morning we have the Father Daughter Eucharist. Dads are always  such important role models for their daughters,  particularly in their educational journey, and it is great to be able to celebrate the father daughter relationship together this weekend.


A Blessing Prayer For Creativity

Bless this time.
Bless my voice.
Bless my memories.
Bless my ideas, my mind, my heart.
Bless my creativity.
Bless my tools:  pens, paper, laptop, paint,
brushes, pencils.
Bless those whom my words will touch.
My desire is to do your will through your creativity in me.
My desire is to bring your love to others through your creativity
in me.
All this I ask of you, O Lord.



With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins