Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

This morning we experienced a beautiful Communion Service where we celebrated the connection our Year 7 and Year 12 students have had this year as Buddies. This relationship is profound for our younger students who look to our Year 12 students for support and guidance. When I spoke to the students at the breakfast that followed they said that they have enjoyed the Buddy connection  and through this significant relationship and the imparting of the stories and the values of the school, they have learned what it is to be a Loreto girl.

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying the very last Morning Tea with Year 12. Throughout the year I host Year 12 students in small groups for morning tea in the Boardroom. These gatherings are full of good conversation and it has been fantastic to listen to the Year 12 students speak of their dreams and aspirations. In these last weeks we reminisce about their time at school and the wonder of life ahead.

I hope you are coming to the Year 12 Showcase next Friday night? It should be a fantastic event. Our Year 12 students are finishing all their HSC pieces and their creativity and hard work is obvious in the pieces that they are presenting. It will be a brilliant night and one I encourage all students to attend who intend studying a practical subject in Years 11 and 12. Please see the invitation here. I look forward to seeing you there.

Congratulations to the IGSSA Athletics Team for their efforts at the IGSSA Carnival yesterday. Their dedication and team work this season has been obvious and they are to be congratulated for their performance. The IGSSA Athletics Team are our Team of the Week!

Congratulations to Isabelle Chambers (Year 8) who competed in the NSW Irish Dancing Championships.  She placed 6th in the competition which means she has now qualified to compete at the 2018 World Championships in Glasgow next March. Well done Isabelle.

Good luck to all of our Sports teams for this weekend.


The day is done, O God,
and I quieten my heard again for a few
Forgive me, if I have hesitated at the
crossroads of choice,
when the way needed courage;
if I have dreamed of great things and failed in
little ones;
if I have gone about things solemnly,
forgetting fun and laughter;
if I have allowed myself to be so busy, that no
one dare tell me their troubles.
Help me God to find this balance in my life.


With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins