Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

There has been a great deal in the media recently about how technology and social media has changed our lives and how it has emphatically changed our children’s lives. Recently you may have read the attached article .  If we look back over time we see the ebbs and flows of change and its impact on the human condition and more specifically families. Within this discussion two things are constant; 1) the need for good and active parenting and 2) the need for sound education about the positives and negatives associated with the pressures of the day. Articles like these reiterate the importance of parents.  

Parents and schools are key to how we traverse the current debate over technology and social media. As parents we need to inform ourselves and be the voice of reason as our young people push the boundaries of privacy. We need to be prepared to have the hard conversations and say ‘no’ when necessary. Even though this kind of active parenting may make for some heated discussions and tough measures, if the actions taken and the outcomes reached are based on love and care of the child then we cannot go wrong. So often we hear stories where there is a ‘laissez faire’ attitude to parenting and how these young people are starved of care and the assisted development of a moral compass. Active parenting although the most difficult of journeys has the most worthwhile results. As Loreto people we take heart as parents and school from the words of Mary Ward when she says we should act from ‘love not fear’. In these days ahead let us continue to have the tough conversations so that our young women are reassured that we understand and love them regardless of how difficult life may seem. As a second piece to this article, I suggest you read the Pastoral Care page which outlines the proactive work we are doing with Years 8 and 11.

We look forward to welcoming back Year 9 from Far North Queensland this evening. It looks like the group has had a brilliant experience. We look forward to hearing all the stories associated with the trip and seeing how our Year 9 students have matured through the process. We also welcome back Year 6 this afternoon from their annual trip to Canberra and hope that they have had an equally exciting time away.

I congratulate Year 12 for the way they have handled their Trial Examinations and we will welcome them back to classes on Tuesday. There will often be a dip at this time as the students receive their results but this is the perfect time to analyse what is next and to keep talking to their teachers about feedback on what to work on in the coming months before the HSC. The students should know what they have to do and should apply themselves every day to the final stage of their work as students of the school. Please continue to keep Year 12 and their parents in your prayers at this time as they complete the final part of their school career.  

A few weeks ago the Chair of the Board  announced that the search for the new Principal for Loreto Normanhurst from 2019 was about to commence. Please note that this process begins this weekend with advertisements placed in various media outlets. 


Heavenly Father
Bless fathers and mothers in their joys and  sorrows.
Deepen their love for each other.
We bless them for their children,
They are the first bearers of your Word and your love.
Remind them that you are with them in all the struggles of parenting.



With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins