Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Greetings from the Principal’s Country Road Trip from a sunny yet chilly Tamworth. Over the past week we have had the joy of meeting with current, past and future parents in many towns in the north west. Our stops have been a joy from Newcastle to Gulargambone, from Nyngan to Narrabri and many towns in between, with our last stop being Tamworth today.

All our events have been well attended and it has been excellent to meet with so many families in their own homes and towns and reacquaint ourselves with many ex-parents too. We have traced some of our steps from our very first Road Trip to the north and north west in 2012 and witnessed first hand a great deal of change in the area. We have been particularly excited to see some of our younger ex-students; some of whom had their baby daughters with them. The next generation of Loreto girls…you never know.

I am thankful to have shared the journey with Mrs Kovacs and Mrs Maunsell. Not only are they great travel companions but they know our parents so well and have forged their own very strong relationships with all who attend. Between the three of us we share 62 years of service at Loreto Normanhurst and the depth of our relationships  with families is evidenced by the warm welcome we receive. We return to Sydney this weekend in enough time to farewell Year 9 to Far North Queensland on Sunday.

The Trials have commenced this week for Year 12 and we wish them well. Finishing courses and all practical work at this time as well as preparing for the Trials is always difficult but it is a bridge all Year 12 students have to cross. They are well supported and will be pleased to get the examinations started. Please keep Year 12 in your prayers at this time.

Year 9 are ready to participate in a wonderful experience in Far North Queensland. The final preparations are in place and the staff are excited to join the students on the journey. The nervousness will disappear as soon as they arrive in balmy Cairns and it will be great to follow their adventures on the school’s FNQE Facebook page over the two weeks. Please keep Year 9 and the FNQ Staff in your prayers too as they embark on this very special trip together.

The team of the week is not so much a team just yet but those students who competed in our School Tennis Championships. The finalists  will compete later in the term and will form the basis of the Loreto Normanhurst Tennis Squad. Congratulations to all the students who competed and to the winners on the day and for their commitment to tennis at Loreto.

I wish all families a brilliant weekend.

With prayers of peace and hope,


Ms Barbara Watkins




It is hard to believe that we are only in the second week of the term. I do hope that it has started positively for all families and members of our community.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following girls on their achievements in a range of pursuits:

  • To Delaney Mirow (Year 11, Mulhall) on receiving an Honourable Mention in the 16/17 category of the Young Archies Award. You can see her entry and read what Delaney has written about her artwork by clicking here.  The original is being displayed at the S.H. Ervin Gallery in the Rocks from Saturday 29 July.
  • To Year 8 students Yasmin Say (Aston), Elizabeth Travers (Mulhall), and Georgia Cluff (Mulhall) on being shortlisted in the Year 7/8 Category of this year’s Whitlam Institute’s What Matters.
  • To Year 11 Music Students on the high standard of skill and performance on display at their Performance Evening on Tuesday night. The pieces, which ranged from classical to jazz, transported us to a place of wonder and beauty.
  • To Year 5 students on the team work, research and creativity that was on display at the annual Science Fair. There were space boot prototypes on display, proposals for sustaining the growth of food on Mars, and many other innovative projects.
  • To the Mock Trial Team who have made it through to the elimination round of the Mock Trial. These legal eagles will venture back to the mock court on Thursday 10 August, taking on Barker College, and we wish them well.
  • To the 8b CSDA Debating Team on their efforts in making it through to the semi-finals and being one of the top four teams of Catholic high schools in Sydney. Sadly, they were narrowly defeated by St Ignatius College Riverview on the night, but their consistent efforts are to be acknowledged.

Students and staff were very cosy and comfortable on Wednesday when we held Snug as a Bug in a Rug Day. We turned off all the heating in the school to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint and to raise awareness of carbon dioxide emissions. The girls rose to the occasion by wearing layers of warm clothing. We stage this event at the coldest time of year for maximum impact, however, with the unseasonably warm weather we are experiencing at the moment it was warmer outside than in!  By Green Team calculation, we would have saved nine hours+ of heating energy on Wednesday. If we consider just the air conditioners that weren’t used, we saved about 50kg of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the air per unit. That’s a lot of energy saved and a huge reduction in our carbon footprint. Congratulations to the Green Team on their leadership of the school in this important area of awareness and action.

Year 12 commenced their HSC trial examinations on Thursday, with practical examinations in Languages, Music and Drama being held over these first two days. It has been a calm start to the Trial Examination period and staff will continue to work with the girls throughout the examination period and, in particular, on the girls’ return, where they will focus on areas of challenge identified through these exams. I ask that you continue to keep our Year 12 girls and their families in your prayers.

We will bid Year 9 students and accompanying staff farewell early on Sunday morning as they embark on their Far North Queensland Experience.  We wish all staff and students well and look forward to all the wonderful stories and reflections that will come out of the two weeks.  I am confident that they will make the most of their time, growing as a community that walks beside and cares for country.

With Year 12 on Trial Exams, our Year 11 students led the community in Friday Morning Communion Service today. It was a meditative and thoughtful reflection on peace and God’s call to us to be good and to do good, in spite of the violence and conflict that may exist around us. I leave you with this prayer which guided this morning’s liturgy.



We pray for peace.

Open our hearts to peace.

Help us search for peace.

Help us live peace.



Ms Marina Ugonotti

Deputy Principal