Principal’s Message

Thank you to the Loreto Normanhurst community for your incredible support this week. As we know many things in life will give us cause for concern and it is at these times we are tested the most. This is of course when we must all pull together…and we have. We are a caring, strong and loving community and we must always stand together for the good of our young women. It is good to see that when these words are  tested, they  are true and real. Our work together now is to support those in the most pain, to be clear on how we must move forward and then absolutely move on.

It concerns us all, I am sure, that the media find it a necessity to discredit growing young people when they make mistakes, and schools like our own who care for these young people as they traverse life. All the young people I deal with on a daily basis are incredible and on a journey towards maturity. I believe, and say that I believe, the world is in a good place when I see the calibre of the young people in our school.

You will note that we have fencing up near the Veronica Reid Oval and near the Gymnasium. Next week work will commence on modular buildings that will be placed on the hill for 10 learning spaces. These modular buildings will be on the school site whilst we discern our next steps in terms of a Master Plan for the school site which we will work on at the school this year. As part of the construction we will landscape in front of the Gymnasium so that we can utilise this area better than we do currently. Thanks to the support of parents, via PAL and the functions at school that have been fundraisers, this area will be completed. We hope all building works will be completed by the end of the term.

It has been excellent to see so many parents at our Parent Evenings. It is important for all parents to attend to hear information given to parents about the year ahead. It is also an important way to build community and connections for parents outside of the school domain. I encourage all parents to attend these evenings.

On Wednesday we celebrated the students of the current Years 11 and 12 for their tremendous results in RoSA (Record of School Achievement) 2015. We congratulate the students on their hard work and outstanding achievements. Congratulations also to Lily Tancred (Year 10), who recently competed in the Northern Beaches Branch Championships for Surf Lifesaving and was awarded a Gold Medal in the U15 category.

Congratulations to Year 6 as they take on their roles as leaders of the Primary School. They will be happy and bright servant leaders and I am sure they will continue to lead the Primary School with grace and energy.


I give you my hands to do your work.

I give you my feet to go your way.

I give you my eyes to see as you do.

I give you my tongue to speak your words.

I give you my mind that you may think in me.

I give you my spirit that you may pray in me.

Above all,

I give you my heard that you may love in me –

Your Father and all people.

I give you my whole self that you may grow in me,

so that it is you, Lord Jesus,

who live and work and pray in me.



With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins