Principal’s Message

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that the term break was an enjoyable time of rest and relaxation for students and families. We have started the term with great energy with the HSC commencing on Thursday and Year 10 in Canberra for the last few days of this week. 

This week we have been discussing two very important events; Mental Health Week and the International Day of the Girl. Caring for our mental health no matter our age is so important. When we feel confident within ourselves we are able to manage our daily lives with energy and passion. When this is not the case it can be devastating. During Mental Health Week we have been focusing on the networks in our school to support our students’ wellbeing. The vertical pastoral care we have at the school from Years 5-12 supports our students’ wellbeing and growth. Having adults that are interested and involved in the pastoral care of the students they teach is of great importance. At the school we have a village of people to support our students’ wellbeing, from their teachers and tutors to their Heads of House and Counsellors. All of these adults have a keen interest and experience in supporting our young women in partnership with our parents. The school’s Pastoral Program with its focus on healthy minds, resilience and developing our skills to manage our lives supports our young women so that they can find a sense of belonging here at the school. During this week it is good to take the time and assess our own wellbeing and work life balance. As adults we are role models of good behaviours for our young women and so this week I hope you take a little time to sit quietly with your thoughts and reflect on what you can do to monitor your own mental health.

On International Day of the Girl this week we celebrated the joys of being a girl in Australia and understood that here in our country and being born as we have been we can, in fact, celebrate. Of course this is not the case for all girls and this is the purpose of this day – to raise awareness of girls in the world who suffer discrimination, are exploited and who are voiceless. Still there is so much to do to educate our world on the plight of the girl child who is still the most exploited being on the planet. We must be hopeful and encourage our young women to be the advocates for girls everywhere so that in their time we can see a swing to greater equality and less exploitation for all girls in Australia and around the world.

Well done to Year 11 who take up not only their HSC studies this week but their role as leaders of the school, a role I am sure they take on with great responsibility. Already at this week’s Assembly they have spoken to us of the work that needs to be done to protect our planet and our commitment to ecology, and about World Poverty Week. Annie Clarke, School Captain, Tatendaishe Mwanza, School Vice-Captain, and the Student Council, along with Year 11, are keen to lead the school well with passion and grace.

Thank you to those parents who took the time to respond to the Communication Survey last term. We received close to 500 responses, the results of which have now been analysed.  Through that analysis we have been able to identify some key areas for improvement, in process and in how we communicate with our parent body. We look forward to your continued support as we work through projects identified to address these areas for improvement.

Congratulations to Catherine Livingstone ex-student from the Class of 1972, for taking on her recent role as Chair of CBA. It is wonderful to see one of our Loreto Normanhurst Ex-Students leading an international business. What a brilliant role model as a woman leading in the business world.

Congratulations to Jessica Lahood (Year 8) who represented Australia recently and won Gold at the CK International Open Taekwondo Championships in Malaysia. What an incredible talent. Congratulations also to Morgan Ridley-Smith (Year 11) for her recent award of the E Paul Torrance Award for Generous Service to Future Problem Solving in NSW. This is a National award and is well deserved.

Many of our students, staff and parents experienced firsthand Kidpreneur run by Years 5 and 6 last term. It was program where our Primary students had to prepare and run their own business culminating in a very exciting market day where they could sell their products, with all funds raised going to the House of Welcome. It was an incredible event and our Year 5 and 6 students gained so much from the whole experience. It appears that one business ‘Charli’s Cute Cups and Accessories’ have been selected as ‘Kidpreneurs of the Year’. We congratulate them on this very special award.

Good luck to all our teams who are competing in Term 4 sports this weekend.



We pray for girls

who  are victims of abuse and discrimination.

We pray for  nations

to change the mindsets of people who abuse or discriminate against girls.

We commit to stand against

the abuse, violence and discrimination against girls.

Because boys and girls,  men and women,

are created in the image of God.





With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins