Principal’s Message

These are uncertain times.  Times which remind us of the interconnectedness of our global world, of our vulnerability as social beings, and of our responsibility to one another.  It is also a time, as we observe human behaviour and the impact it can have on others, to ensure we hold the most vulnerable of our community and society – the elderly, the sick, the homeless – firmly in our thoughts and that we assume responsibility for seeing that our actions consider their needs as well as our own.

Although children and young people are considered at low risk of infection by COVID-19, it is undeniable that this virus does not discriminate.  Importantly, we must also recognise that children and young people are not immune to the multitude and regularity of news reports and to the impact of living in a context of such uncertainty.  Many are wondering how best to discuss this pandemic in a way that will be reassuring to children and young people without making them feel more worried than what they may be already. Not talking about something can often intensify the worry. It is important for parents and teachers to convey the facts about the virus and to set the emotional tone in order to help children feel more informed and reassured. Involving them and encouraging self-efficacy can also give them a sense of control and purpose.

In this Special Report by School TV, parents and caregivers are provided with some guidelines on how best to approach this topic whilst still ensuring the wellbeing of their child. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, our Pastoral Team would welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the School for further information or seek medical or professional help.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our IPSHA and IGSSA Swim Teams on their outstanding participation in their respective carnivals last week. We had 13 competitors in the IPSHA Carnival, and all swam really well with a number of big personal bests recorded. 

Twenty three students were in the IGSSA Swim and Diving Team. Well done to Kayla McKeown (Year 8) who represented the school in diving for the first time. Loreto Normanhurst finished fourth overall at the IGSSA Carnival which was the same standing as in 2019, however we had an increase in overall points (205 total points), which makes our 2020 standing the best result for the school on record.  I’d like to thank IGSSA Swim Captain Abby Hartshorne for her leadership and congratulate the whole team on their outstanding efforts.

Congratulations to the following girls for these outstanding results:

  • Maddison Hinds who finished first in the 11-19yrs Multiclass 50m Freestyle, first in the 11-19yrs Multiclass 50m Backstroke, first in the 11-19yrs Multiclass 50m Breaststroke, and first in the 11-19yrs Multiclass 50m Butterfly. Maddie’s efforts and exceptional results mean that Loreto Normanhurst was awarded the Annabelle Williams Shield for the highest point score in multiclass events at the IGSSA carnival.
  • Cordelia Stephen who finished second in the 14yrs 50m Backstroke.
  • Abby Hartshorne, Abby Feurtado, Imogen Kearins and Kate Law-Whitting who finished second in the 4x50m Freestyle Relay.
  • Abbey Williamson who finished third in the 16yrs 50m Backstroke.
  • Abby Hartshorne who finished third in the 18yrs 50m Breaststroke.
  • Abby Feurtado who finished third in 18yrs 50m Freestyle and third in the 18yrs 50m Butterfly.

Last week the vibrancy of our community was evident as we hosted the Women of Influence Evening and Open Day. These are such wonderful events that are so important for our school. The Women of Influence event showcases our ex-students and the influence their Loreto education  has had on them, while at Open Day we share the offerings of a Loreto Normanhurst education with families looking for the right school for their daughters. Many thanks to our students, parents and staff for their contribution at both events.

I leave you with this beautiful prayer of Mary Ward – one of my favourites.


You, O Lord know my heart!
Make this heart complete as you would have it be.
My heart is ready,
O God, my heart is ready!
Put me where you want me to be.
I am in your hand.
Turn me this way or that,
As you desire.
I am yours,
Ready for everything.


Ms Marina Ugonotti