Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

What a truly outstanding celebration of learning we had last Friday at the HSC Showcase. It was wonderful to see students perform and showcase their HSC work for us; works that speak of who they are as young people, with great minds, talents and well-honed problem-solving skills. There was such beauty to behold in the works they produced, and it was obvious that there was determination and challenge in the planning, practice and performance.

Congratulations to each staff member who contributed to the achievements of the girls in their performances, projects, body of work and research.  Their support and, equally, their challenge, has helped Year 12 students to reach a high standard of work. It was so uplifting speaking with the girls about their work and seeing how genuinely they support one another. Thank you to the many parents and members of the community who came to support the girls.

We keep Year 12 and their families in our thoughts and prayers in these last weeks of formal schooling as they traverse the very important rites of passage and leave the school that has loved and challenged them.

Today our Year 12 mothers joined us for the Year 12 Mothers’ Eucharist and Lunch. It was a wonderful time spent with our Year 12 mothers, reflecting and celebrating their daughters and the years they have spent at Loreto Normanhurst. I thank the many mothers who were able to attend.

This week Year 10 have engaged in Week Without Words, raising awareness and funds for the students at St Lucy’s School. The message being led to the rest of the community by Year 10 was that of answering the Gospel imperative of love and compassion by showing humility to others and opening our hearts to understand the needs of all within our community. I commend all of Year 10 for the empathy, compassion and great advocacy they showed this week and for the gentle manner in which they made that message felt by us all.

Good luck to all students in the finals this weekend. No matter the result, you have done well and we congratulate you.

We hope all our fathers and daughters have a wonderful time at the Father Daughter Dinner on Saturday night at the Epping Club. 

I leave you with the Opening Prayer from Communion Service today where the Year 12 Eucharistic Ministers captured beautifully the message of this Week Without Words.

Loving God,
As we gather here today, open our minds so that we may receive your eternal wisdom.
Open our spirits so that we lead others underneath your guidance.
And open our hearts so that we may receive your everlasting love.
We ask to become settled in reverent silence, as we enter your presence and centre our focus on the children at Saint Lucy’s.
This prayer we ask through Christ our Lord,



Ms Marina Ugonotti