Principal’s Message

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our Loreto mothers for last Sunday. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful day of love and family and that you will join us this Sunday for the Mother Daughter Eucharist in the Chapel at 9.30am. The celebration of Mothers’ Day gives us the chance to reflect of the power of the mother relationship and reflect on how our own mothers have influenced our lives. When a new baby is born that total selflessness of motherhood commences. All too often so can that fear and self-doubt in us that we will not do enough, or be enough, for that totally dependent child. Our capacity to love becomes so vast it seems incredible and just as our child is vulnerable to the outside world so are we accordingly. We develop a strength  through this vulnerability and become the lioness, protecting and nurturing as our children grow. Never could we imagine that life would change so much when our child is born.

We are lucky in Australia to have the comforts that we do for ourselves as mothers and for our beautiful children. Last Sunday I reflected upon an article I read recently of the women and children fleeing Syria many of these women pregnant. I am saddened to think of their plight and the plight of their unborn child as for many of their children they will have no country to call home. They will at least at birth have their mother and her love and great hopes for her new born child. When I read the article I could not help but think of Mary and her life as a mother and how she too was displaced and how she too suffered for her child, Jesus. Her strength and love in adversity is an inspirational model of motherhood for us all.

On Monday June 6, I will commence a period of sabbatical and return to the school on August 8. During my time of sabbatical I will have the privilege of participating in a course at London Business School and a retreat in Wales as well as a few other short courses on Leadership and Growth Coaching. As well as this I will have some time for rest, recuperation and time with family here and overseas. During this time of leave the school will be in the capable hands of Ms Ugonotti, who will be Acting Principal and Mrs Bateman who will be Acting Deputy Principal. I thank them in advance for their leadership of the school in my absence and to the School Board for granting me this time of sabbatical and renewal.

Would you like to come and dream the future of Loreto Normanhurst? If so we would love you to attend a special event “Dreaming of the Future of Loreto Normanhurst – a 30 Year Master Plan”  to be held on Monday, 30 May. We are inviting all members of the community on that night to come and bring your ideas for what the school might look like in the next 30 years. Students, staff and parents are all welcome, so please save the date and start thinking about what the footprint of the school will need to look like for the future. Please  save the date in your diary. More details including RSVP information will be sent out soon.

Congratulations to Meg Elliot (Year 11), Gemma Page (Year 10), Jessica Walter (Year 12), Rachael Marchant (Year 11) and Bettina Ignacio (Year 11) who together with family, friends and the Girl Guides formed a team and swam as a group at Homebush Aquatic Centre for 24hrs (non-stop) from the 30th of April to  1st May this year. As a group they swam a total of 52.6km and raised $4,500 dollars for MS! Well done to these girls for such an incredible effort and for such a worthy cause. It is good to see our girls out there working together as team for the good of others.

Next week we will welcome many visitors to the school for our Connected Learners Conference. As a leading school in Sydney we are constantly asked by our colleagues in education and in business for visits to our school so every two years we put together an innovative conference schedule to support the growth of the education community. We have many great speakers and our own staff will be running workshops. As well, our visitors will see first-hand how our school operates each day. It should be a great few days and one that will showcase the wonderful educational opportunities available here at Loreto for our students and staff.



I am of my past and place

The rich and fertile clay of home and kin.

I am a woman

sure in who I am.

A woman with a right to love and live

and all the filling full

the world can give.

A woman with the heart and mind and gifts

to give, to serve,  to bring the lives of others

to the light.

Shape this my life with loving hands, O Lord,

and fire my heart, not hard

but bright to shine

so those I warm with love in my life’s course,

may see reflected light, and praise its source.




With prayers of peace and hope,

Ms Barbara Watkins