Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Everybody in the school has a spring in their step today as the community anticipates the next three weeks of rest and relaxation. I hope that families and our students enjoy a slower pace together. The school will still be open and many of our staff will work through this non-term time keeping the school ticking over for the students’ return in July. I thank everyone for their work and commitment to the school this term. Term 2 has gone so quickly and the students and staff have worked hard for good outcomes. The reports that parents receive demonstrate the work the girls have done in all facets of the FACE curriculum and we are proud of their efforts.  The centrality of relationships and learning were celebrated at this week’s Secondary School Assembly when Academic Awards were presented to Years 11 and 12. We will pick up the beginning of next term with our Semester 1 Academic Awards for Years 7-10. I congratulate and acknowledge the hard work of all students and staff this semester in striving for their personal best.

You may have seen Sr Libby Rogerson IBVM in the news this week as part of the work she leads with the multifaith advocacy group called Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. They recently wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister in relation to the climate emergency facing our world and the moral responsibility to respond to this. “We have a sacred responsibility to care for the Earth and all living beings, especially the vulnerable people on the frontlines,” she said.  It is an important reminder for us as a community, having just come out of marking Refugee Week, to appreciate the integrity of all creation and the impact climate change has on the most vulnerable of people.

Congratulations to Maye House who were the winners of the Senior School Athletics Carnival and to Mulhall House who won the Spirit Cup. Well done to all our athletes and everyone who took part in races on the day to secure House points. This leads me to commend our Loreto sport girls who display their values of being strong, committed, resilient and competitive, but don’t lose sight of their compassion and kindness. I received a letter from a mother whose daughter played in goals against our Loreto football team on the weekend, commending them for the beautiful displays of kindness in victory that they showed to her daughter who was upset at letting in the winning goal. This is what we are about as Loreto people, celebrating our success but also recognising when to offer compassion as well.

Well done to all teams who participated in ‘Write a Book in a Day’ on Tuesday in the LRC. The girls formed their teams and planned their day choosing a leader and delegating tasks to each other. The books students produce and publish for ‘Write a Book in a Day’ are all sent off to the Kids Cancer Project and are given to children in hospital. Congratulations to all teams.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the PAL Trivia Night. I’m told it was a great night, even though the staff table picked up the Wooden Spoon “prize”. Thank you to the PAL Executive for organising the event.

I wish all staff and students who are going on the NASA tour and the New York Drama and Visual Arts tour a wonderful and safe trip, as well as our staff and students heading to Yarrabah on their service immersion. 

I wish everyone a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing you all next term with classes commencing on Monday 22 July.  As you enjoy the slower pace, change of environment and the comfort of home I offer you this prayerful reflection from the Loreto Sisters’ book Prayer Times.



Take time to think;
It is a source of power.

Take time to play;
It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to read;
It is the fountain of wisdom.

Take time to pray;
It is the greatest power on Earth.

Take time to love and be loved;
It is a God Given privilege.

Take time to be friendly;
It is the road to happiness.

Take time to laugh;
It is the music of the soul.

Take time to give;
It is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to work;
It is the price of success.

Take time to do charity;
It is the key to heaven.

Take Time!


Ms Marina Ugonotti