Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

There are no more sleeps left until the end of Term 1. Sometimes at assembly we have a countdown of the number of days left in a term, or in the lead up to big events. I wonder about how quickly we can miss what is happening in the moment when we get too caught up in ‘countdowns’, but I must say that it is calming to feel the beginning of a gentle exhale as the end of term meets us today. It’s been a long, full and wonderfully exciting term with many moments of challenge and joy and I hope that all girls and families have some time over the student vacation to rest, recreate and be with one another.  Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year for that gentle slowing down to occur, as we go from one season to the next and our environment reminds us that there is indeed a time for everything.

It’s been a big term for me, it being my first as Principal, and I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all our community for your support. I have many highlights and points of insights from this term. When I think of them, I would have to say that the majority of these are the moments with our girls – whether it be incidental conversations in hallways about learning and life, time spent in ‘See, Think, Wonder’ with the primary students, watching drama or sport, Friday Morning Communion Service, or in conversation with the SRC where we’ve just spoken and listened to each other about what they love about our beautiful school. I thank all staff who collaborate daily with commitment, care and generosity for their work this term.   Thank you to the teaching staff who have coached the girls along in their holistic growth, led them in their learning and beautifully cared for them in every other way this term.

It’s been a huge term for girls’ achievement in sport, culminating in many sport finals across last weekend for the IGGSA and IPSHA competitions and I congratulate all students on their efforts for a wonderful season of sport. There have been some magnificent achievements, as well as true spirit and friendship which is what it’s all about. Well done to all.

Last week I announced the full operations of the Aquatic Centre will fall under the Loreto Normanhurst Swimming banner from 1 July and I was excited to hear that a young man who swims here at Loreto Normanhurst under the expert eye of our Head Coach Bobby Hurley, finished first in the 50m fly at the Australian Championships. I know that those girls who swim here are inspired by these types of achievements and I wish all our swimmers heading to the championships in Adelaide next week all the best.

Our final event of the term is of course our wonderful Music Festival tonight. For me, the Music Festival is the embodiment of our values of felicity and sincerity. When I see the lead up to the Music Festival, the way the girls work together and express themselves, I always think of the explosion of felicity that it brings us every year. Here we are again in 2019, and I do hope you enjoy the Music Festival tonight as much as I know I will.

Yesterday we came together as a community for our Passion Liturgy where we told the story of the passion and the dying of Jesus and we were invited to let it speak to us, to have it touch our hearts, to lead us into a way of living and loving and facing life as Jesus did, with faith in God’s presence with us through it all. Partway through the liturgy the Cross was brought forward and as it was placed before us and remained there with its outstretched arms as words were spoken and sung, it provided a focal point of meditation. The Cross is a reminder of the story of our faith, of the story of Jesus, and of the love that our God has for us. And what a love it is – a love that knows no limits or bounds, a love that is intimate, warm and ever present.

As we head into Holy Week, I wish you blessings of the light and hope of our Resurrection Story. A very Happy Easter and safe holiday to all.


Compassionate God,
You desire to share your life with us.
Reveal to us the power of Your love
through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
As we walk life’s journey,
open our eyes that we may see your vision of justice and peace.
Give us ears to hear
the cries of those who suffer;
Give us courage to be
your hands for those in pain;
Give us wisdom to speak out
for justice and truth;
Give us hearts that love
so that Your will may be done in us,
today and always.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, the one who suffered, died and rose for us.



Ms Marina Ugonotti